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StressMarq's Tau Products

Tau Antibodies

Tau phosphorylation and fibrillization can be detected using monoclonal antibodies. SMC-601 detects phosphorylation at Ser202 and Thr205, which occurs in PHF tau. SMC-607 and SMC-608 were raised against Tau441(2N4R) P301S PFFs (SPR-329). 

The antibodies below were tested in iPSC-derived cortical neurons with and without the P301L mutation. 


Tau Antibodies 
Catalog TargetCloneHostApplicationsReactivity
SMC-601Tau(pSer202/pThr205)AH36RabbitWB, DB, ICC/IF, ELISAHu
SPC-1436 Tau (pSer396)PolyclonalRabbitWBHu, Ms, Rt
SPC-1437Tau (pSer422)PolyclonalRabbitWB, IHCHu, Ms, Rt
SPC-806Tau (AA297-391) (dGAE)PolyclonalRabbitWBHu, Ms, Rt
SMC-608Total Tau3D4MouseWB, DB, ICC/IF, ELISAHu, Ms, Rt
SMC-607Tau1D5MouseWB, DB, ICC/IF, ELISAHu, Ms, Rt
SPC-801TauPolyclonalRabbitWB, IHCHu, Ms
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