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Cosmo Bio Ltd

Established in 1983, Cosmo Bio is a Japanese company that distributes its own research reagents, and the products of trusted Japanese partners, to support life science research worldwide. With a portfolio comprising over 5000 export quality antibodies, proteins, ELISA kits, cell biology and molecular biology reagents, as well as general consumables, Cosmo Bio serves a wide range of customer requirements.
Cosmo Bio’s mouse IVF products are especially of interest to our customers. Using Cosmo Bio’s ultra-superovulation reagent, CARD HyperOva, in combination with CARD FERTIUP® preincubation medium, CARD medium, and CARD mHTF, all of which are recommended by the Centre of Animal Resources and Development (CARD), researchers can perform murine in vitro fertilisation to successfully achieve 2-cell to blastocyst stage embryos via a relatively straightforward protocol.

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Cosmo Bio Ltd

Researchers also turn to us for Cosmo Bio’s transfection reagents. We notice a lot of attention focused on Cosmo Bio’s GenomONE-Neo™, a unique product for transfection of nucleic acids, proteins, and small molecules. This delivers extremely efficient gene expression by utilising the high membrane fusion potential of inactivated Sendai virus particle (hemagglutinating virus of Japan envelope, HVJ-E). Unlike conventional non-virus transfection tools, HVJ-E has the capacity to resist degradation by lysosomes. Cosmo Bio’s cell fusion reagent, GenomONE™-CF EX, is another of our more popular products.

Also based on HVJ-E, this can be used with both adherent and suspension cells to achieve fusion in just 30 minutes. In combination with hybridoma growth supplement, GenomONE™-CF EX demonstrates a 100% antibody-production positive rate as compared to just 9% with PEG1500 under identical conditions, making it a superior alternative to traditional PEG-based methods of cell fusion.


In addition to the world's most trusted mouse IVF-related reagents from CARD/Kyudo, Cosmo Bio offer their own brand of high performance IVF-related reagents with a focus on value and convenience.

Porcine IVF

Offered here are the IVF reagents developed by Cosmo Bio over the last ten years and the commercialisation by the Institute for Functional Peptides.


In addition to the world's most trusted mouse IVF-related reagents. 2BScientific can also provide a wide range of Rat IVF products developed by Cosmo Bio.

CARD HyperOva

Find out more about the Enhanced Superovulation Reagent for Mice from Cosmo Bio!

CD44 Antibodies and Kits

Explore Cosmo Bio's CD44 kits and antibodies for isolating cancer stem cells.

Clover DirectTM

Non-natural amino acid-charged tRNAs for site directed protein functionalisation.


Everything you need for PURE-based protein synthesis.

Purefrex 2.1

The purest of the the PURE-based reconstituted protein synthesis system kits with redox environment control

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