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See our list of IVF reagents offered by Cosmo Bio Ltd under our CSR reagent brand program.


Porcine IVF Product NameSizeCat. No.
Basic Culture Kit for Porcine IVF Embryo Production1 kitCSR-CK029
Complete Culture Kit Porcine IVF Embryo Production1 kitCSR-CK030
POE-CM (Porcine Oocyte/Embryo Collection Medium)5 x 100mlCSR-CK020
POM (Basic Medium For Porcine Oocyte Maturation)3 x 25mlCSR-CK021
HP-POM (High Performance Porcine Oocyte Maturation Medium)3 x 25mlCSR-CK022
dbcAMP-100X (dbcAMP Concentrate, 100x Solution)500ulCSR-CK027
SEM-5X (Porcine Semen Dilution Medium)25mlCSR-CK026
PFM (Porcine Fertilization Medium): CSR-CK0232 x 100mlCSR-CK023
PZM-5 (Porcine Embryo Development Medium)3 x 25mlCSR-CK024
PBM (Porcine Blastocyst Medium)2 x 25mlCSR-CK025