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Recombinant Antibodies Blog

Recombinant antibodies are an incredible advancement in the biology industry that revolutionize the production allowing for antibody production without the use of animals. Antibodies themselves are large Y shaped proteins that are able to both identify and neutralize bacteria and viruses, therefore protecting the body’s host cells from damage. For more detailed information on antibodies as a topic, please take a look at our focus area on antibodies.

Recombinant antibodies have an incredible range of advantages over its traditional predecessor. These synthesized antibodies providing improved sensitivity, confirmed specificity and consistency between batches, collectively resulting in research producing reliable and valid results more frequently. In addition to these research benefits, it also avoids ethical issues due to the production line not including animals.

Kd is how the affinity of antibodies is measured, the lower the number, the greater the antibody affinity when tested, recombinant antibodies performed significantly better than that of traditionally produced antibodies due to the control within the manufacturing process. This was so significant in fact, that recombinants highest Kd was lower than that of the lowest Kd of traditional antibodies, once again demonstrating the significant leap this advancement makes

This leap results in a range of applications such as research against cancer, battling immune diseases and lateral flow tests being improved significantly. Recombinant antibodies can also be used to determine a diagnosis for a virus such as rabies, and due to the aforementioned accuracy, results are significantly more accurate and reliable for diagnosticians. Alongside applicable research benefits, recombinant antibodies are incredibly easy to produce, meaning that there is always an available supply of antibodies that are more functional and precise, a win win!

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