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Absolute Antibody

Founded in Oxford, UK in 2012, Absolute Antibody has a vision that all antibody users should be able to use recombinant antibodies, which are absolutely defined by their amino acid sequence. Rather than creating entirely new antibody products, Absolute Antibody offers a portfolio comprised of existing antibodies (often from hybridomas) which have improved usefulness as a result of engineering. At 2BScientific, we’re fully aware of the benefits that recombinant antibodies can offer researchers. Not only do recombinant antibodies deliver less batch-to-batch variability and therefore improved experimental reproducibility, but they are also highly amenable to manipulation. This allows experts in antibody engineering, such as the highly skilled team at Absolute Antibody, to add in more desirable antibody features or to remove properties that may impede downstream research.

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Absolute Antibody
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Anti SARS Antibody Turned Anti COVID 19

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are recombinant mouse antibodies ideal for in vivo research in mouse models

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Anti-i-motif DNA (iMab)

Although DNA is well known for its double helical structure, made famous by Watson and Crick in 1953, it can also adopt several other configurations. Included among these, intercalated motif (i-motif) DNA forms a 4-stranded DNA ‘knot’ when cytosines on the same DNA strand bind to one another. This phenomenon was first described over 20 years ago, yet it was only recently that i-motif DNA could be visualised in human cells.

Using an i-motif structure specific antibody fragment (iMab), Zeraati et al proposed a pivotal role for i-motif DNA in gene regulation1. The potential for i-motif DNA to modify gene expression has led to widespread interest from oncology researchers. For example, pH dysregulation is a common characteristic of many cancers, with tumour cells frequently exhibiting an increased intracellular pH compared with normal cells.

To support the study of i-motif DNA, Since i-motif formation is pH dependent, these DNA structures may represent a valuable target for therapeutic intervention. 2BScientific is pleased to offer Absolute Antibody’s recombinant monoclonal iMab antibody for identification of these structures. Validated for BLI, confocal microscopy, ELISA, and IF, this product is available in multiple isotypes/formats to meet a diversity of research objectives.

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