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Absolute Antibody

Founded in Oxford, UK in 2012, Absolute Antibody has a vision that all antibody users should be able to use recombinant antibodies, which are absolutely defined by their amino acid sequence. Rather than creating entirely new antibody products, Absolute Antibody offers a portfolio comprised of existing antibodies (often from hybridomas) which have improved usefulness as a result of engineering.
At 2BScientific, we’re fully aware of the benefits that recombinant antibodies can offer researchers. Not only do recombinant antibodies deliver less batch-to-batch variability and therefore improved experimental reproducibility, but they are also highly amenable to manipulation. This allows experts in antibody engineering, such as the highly skilled team at Absolute Antibody, to add in more desirable antibody features or to remove properties that may impede downstream research.

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Absolute Antibody
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Absolute Antibody