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Biocleave’s aim is to make biological reagents accessible to pioneering life science researchers. To achieve this they have moved away from traditional protein expression technologies, and have established a brand-new recombinant protein expression host, capable of overcoming many of the limitations inherent in E. coli and eukaryotic systems. By combining the benefits of commercially proven, non-pathogenic, clostridial microbes with their world-leading genome engineering technologies, Biocleave are increasing the availability of previously difficult-to-express proteins. A further advantage afforded by their system – the proteins supplied by Biocleave are naturally endotoxin free.

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More Information about Biocleave

Biocleave's core market is research use only (RUO) proteins, for the study of multiple cellular activities such as cell signalling, replication, transcription, and translation. Their proprietary technology, coupled with the unique characteristics of clostridia, enable them to overcome the typical protein expression challenges of production host toxicity and costly development cycles.

Other Applications

Flavour & Fragrance

Their clostridial host is capable of expressing enzymes involved in producing the flavour and fragrance molecules currently sourced primarily from plants. This enables them to address some of the problems surrounding sustainability of sourcing these products for large scale applications.


Fragrance molecules play an important role in pest control, and as for the F&F markets, they are able to generate the enzymes required. The ability of their host to sporulate also means they have the potential to innovate in areas of immobilisation and delivery of these molecules.


They are able to make essential components of therapeutic reagents for disease research. Use of their non-pathogenic clostridial host provides a safe alternative for producing toxoid elements of the pathogenic bacterial toxins.  We are also able to produce reagents for drug discovery applications.

Custom Services

In addition to their range of catalogue proteins, Biocleave also work with clients on custom projects, specialising in hard-to-express proteins which have experienced toxicity issues, or low expression in other traditional hosts.