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Aviva Systems Biology

Offering antibodies to more than 7000 different targets, many that are implicated in transcription, epigenetics and cell signalling, Aviva Systems Biology leverages a high throughput antibody production process to release over 200 new antibody products every month. These complement a portfolio that already covers most members of key protein families - including transcription factors, transcription regulators, RNA binding proteins, ion channels and cell membrane proteins – underscoring Aviva’s reputation as a leader of novel proteomic discoveries.

Because Aviva's product offering includes unique antibody content that is not commercially available elsewhere, we often find ourselves recommending Aviva to researchers seeking antibodies against new and emerging targets. Moreover, through close liaison with the Aviva Systems Biology team, we’re able to share the antibody requirements of 2BScientific customers and make suggestions for product prioritisation.

Aviva’s commitment to antibody characterisation gives us complete confidence in the quality of their antibody reagents.

Another area where we feel Aviva Systems Biology excels is in their range of ELISA kits. With products covering over 8000 targets, all of Aviva’s ELISA kits come with clear, easy-to-use protocols for guaranteed assay sensitivity and reproducibility. Additionally, with multiple assay formats available – including sandwich, indirect, competitive and in-cell ELISA – Aviva is well placed to support accurate detection of a wide range of target types.

Recently, we’ve seen considerable interest in Aviva’s complement factor I ELISA kit (OKEH05760), a product that can detect murine CFI in serum, plasma and other biological fluids with a sensitivity of 0.404 ng/mL.

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Aviva Systems Biology
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Aviva's New £ 25 By-Request Antibody Conjugation Services

Conjugate many of Aviva's antibodies by request with these label options for £ 25:

Conjugate Excitation Emission
FITC (FAM) Fluor 495 nm 520 nm
ASB-405 Fluor 400 nm 423 nm
ASB-490 Fluor 491 nm 515 nm
ASB-550 Fluor 550 nm 575 nm
ASB-650 Fluor 655 nm 676 nm
ASB-750 Fluor 759 nm 780 nm
Biotin-Peg4 - -
Horseradish Peroxidase - -

The reduced complexity of using Aviva's direct conjugate primaries provides numerous process and ease-of-use advantages over traditional two-step detection methods:

  • Shorter assay procedure times - higher throughput
  • Simpler assay optimization - less development time
  • Reduced non-specific interactions - a single affinity reagent opposed to two
  • Lower biological assay reagent costs

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