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CUSABIO is a reputable biotechnology company that is focused on providing the highest quality products and custom services to researchers. With a range of offerings including ELISA kits, antibodies, proteins, and exosome isolation kits, CUSABIO has become a trusted source for researchers in the life science and healthcare sector. CUSABIO's commitment to quality is evident in the numerous published literatures citing their products in more than 4,800 publications and growing.

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What makes CUSABIO different?

As a manufacturer of ELISA kits, Exosome isolation kits, antibodies, proteins, and related reagents, CUSABIO’s mission is to provide the best products and related custom service to researchers so that they can have a good starting for the next breakthrough. CUSABIO's high quality has been guaranteed by many published literatures in all kinds of famous journals, such as Science, Nature, Cell, Developmental Biology, Molecular Cell, Genes & Development, and so on. Now, the publications citing our products has reached more than 4,800, and hundreds of publications are updating every year.

CUSABIO provides a range of high-quality research tools and custom services to meet the diverse needs of researchers. Their ELISA and exosome isolation kits are designed with proficiency in various ELISA technologies and employ fine affinity purification technology for the production of Exosome Isolation Kits. The diagnostic kit’s production team at CUSABIO develops ELISA kits with clinical diagnostic levels, resulting in world-leading quality. Their broad range of ELISA kits covers over 6,000 different assay targets, and two Cell Supernatant Exosome Isolation Kits offering high purity, yield, and efficiency.

CUSABIO's antibody line features over 60,000 antibodies, specifically designed for a variety of species and multiple applications. With every antibody designed, produced, and validated in-house by CUSABIO's professional technical team using advanced experimental apparatus, their extensive antibody line has enabled the establishment of various technology platforms.

CUSABIO's Protein Expression Platform offers four recombinant expression systems (Bacterial, E. coli, HEK & Yeast) and an innovative in vitro E.coli expression system that allows the expression of transmembrane proteins, which are typically difficult to express. This platform enables the manufacturing of proteins with diverse complexities, including those with post-translational modifications.

Finally, CUSABIO offers a range of custom services, including phage display, antibody, protein, gene synthesis, and oligo synthesis services, all tailored to the unique needs of each experiment. CUSABIO's latest and most comprehensive custom services ensure customers' requests are met, making them a reliable and versatile partner in research.

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Therapeutic Antibody Discovery, Targeting Multipass & Transmembrane Proteins with CUSABIO

The antibody drugs have increasingly fewer adverse reactions because of their high specificity. Therefore, therapeutic antibody has become the predominant class of new drugs developed in recent years.

The whole research and development process of antibody drugs basically takes 10 years, from the initial identification of targets, to screening of therapeutic antibody candidates for pre-clinical studies, to entering phase Ⅰ/Ⅱ /Ⅲ clinical trails, then completing the final declaration of NDA (new drug application). Throughout the whole process of antibody drug development, therapeutic antibody candidates screening service is the beginning of antibody-based drug discovery, and it is crucial as well.

CUSABIO has been working on the development and production of proteins and antibodies for more than 16 years and successfully screened 100+ therapeutic antibody candidates for pharmaceutical companies already, many of which have entered the CMC or IND phases. For some druggable targets that are difficult to produce, such as CLDN18.2, CLDN6, CCR8, SSTR2, DLL3, LY6G6D, ROR1, SEMA4D, GPC3, CD16A and so on, we not only successfully had produced antigens, but also successfully screened corresponding therapeutic antibody candidates already.

CUSABIO has 3 platforms for production of transmembrane proteins. Mostly, we have completed 30+ projects of screening services for therapeutic antibody candidates targeting multiple transmembrane proteins. So we can confidently promise that CUSABIO has rich experiences in therapeutic antibody discovery targeting multipass transmembrane protein, mostly, we can offer the therapeutic antibody discovery service & to you as risk-free, we can promise that we will not charge anything if we failed in screening.

CUSABIO can provide a one stop solution from target to therapeutic antibody candidates to accelerate the entire development process for you.