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Cusabio is a leading, customer-focused biotechnology company based in China. They provide an extensive list of exceptionally high-quality products and services within the life science and healthcare sector. They manufacture research reagents and instruments, which sell worldwide to an array of industry professionals. The company also offer in vitro diagnostic raw materials and over 10,000 ELISA kits for 37 species. Their innovative products are used in biosynthesis, metabolism, neurobiology, cytokine, and growth factor, to name just a few

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50% OFF for Drug Target Proteins

Valid until 30th June 2019

50% off when you purchase CUSABIO Drug Target Proteins during the promotion. The available sizes include 10ug and 50ug.

After purchasing the CUSABIO drug target protein during the promotion, feedback your Trial Report within 3 months, you can enjoy the following benefits (choose one from A and B):

A. Choose a new target from the 30 Drug Target Proteins for free. The trial size is 10ug.

B. Get a $50 voucher that can be used to purchase CUSABIO protein products for more than $50.

C. Submit CUSABIO product review in 2 minutes, participate in our Lucky Draw, win an AppleWatch!

Note: Option C is an extra benefit, and can be enjoyed at the same time with A or B.

Shipping cost varies from country to country, please consult for details. It can be waived if courier account is provided (preferentially FedEx).

This activity is valid for end-user only.

Click on this LINK to see the products on offer, once you have chosen, just send as an email at and we shall assist you!

The final interpretation of the event is owned by CUSABIO TECHNOLOGY LLC.