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Cosmo Bio Ltd

Cosmo Bio is a provider of quality life science products from Tokyo, Japan. The high quality research reagents that Cosmo Bio supplies have proven to be excellent for use in immunology, tissue culture, clinical diagnostics, gene engineering and biochemical research. The company offers a diverse range of antibodies, proteins, reagents, etc., as well as kits for detecting important substances in samples from humans, animals and foods. 2BScientific Ltd has access to all of Cosmo Bio's 5800 export quality range, such as antibodies, proteins, ELISA kits, molecular biology reagents and general consumables.

Cosmo Bio Ltd

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GenomONE™ HVJ-E Kits

GenomONE™ HVJ-E Kits utilize the membrane fusion activity of inactivated Sendai virus (HVJ / hemagglutinating virus of Japan) envelope (HVJ-E).

  • Neo EX - for transfection by membrane fusion.
  • CAb EX - for antibody delivery to live cells.
  • CF EX - for hybridoma preparation and other cell fusion procedures.

GenomONE™ - CF EX Sendai Virus (HVJ) Envelope Cell Fusion Kit

It can be used with both adhering cells and floating cells.

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GenomONE™-Neo HVJ-E Membrane Fusion Transfection Kit

GenomONE-Neo is a totally unique alternative to common tranfection reagents.

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Antibodies for Exosome Isolation

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