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Cosmo Bio Ltd

Established in 1983, Cosmo Bio is a Japanese company that distributes its own research reagents, and the products of trusted Japanese partners, to support life science research worldwide. With a portfolio comprising over 5000 export quality antibodies, proteins, ELISA kits, cell biology and molecular biology reagents, as well as general consumables, Cosmo Bio serves a wide range of customer requirements. Cosmo Bio’s mouse IVF products are especially of interest to our customers. Using Cosmo Bio’s ultra-superovulation reagent, CARD HyperOva, in combination with CARD FERTIUP® preincubation medium, CARD medium, and CARD mHTF, all of which are recommended by the Centre of Animal Resources and Development (CARD), researchers can perform murine in vitro fertilisation to successfully achieve 2-cell to blastocyst stage embryos via a relatively straightforward protocol.

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Cosmo Bio Ltd
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GenomONE™ - CF EX Sendai Virus (HVJ) Envelope Cell Fusion Kit

It can be used with both adhering cells and floating cells.

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CD44 variant ABs & kit

For characterising & isolating cancer stem cells

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GenomONE™-Neo HVJ-E Membrane Fusion Transfection Kit

GenomONE-Neo is a totally unique alternative to common tranfection reagents.

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PUREfrex 2.1

The purest of the PURE-based reconstituted protein synthesis system kits with redox environment control

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Almost everything you need for PURE-based protein synthesis

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Clover Direct

Non-natural amino acid-charged tRNAs for site directed protein functionalization

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Antibodies for Exosome Isolation

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