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Vector Laboratories

The new home for the Gold Standard in Immunohistochemistry & Immunofluorescence!

Improving IHC & IF Workflows Webinar series 

Join Vector Laboratories' Director of Technical Services, Dr Craig Pow, in this informative series of webinars 

Webinar 1: Troubleshooting background in IHC and IF applications 

Webinar 2: Control Sections for IHC and IF Applications. Why use them & what is an appropriate control? 

Webinar 3: Maximizing Signal Retention in IF Applications 

Webinar 4: Counterstaining Tips and Caveats in IHC

Webinar 5: Considerations for Selecting IHC Detection Reagents

View the recordings on our webinar page 


IHC Webinar 09/06/2021 - Multiple labelling with enzymatic ABC or polymer kits, and to help you expand your IHC applications.