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"It is our goal to make proteins work!" CellFree Sciences is using its own wheat germ cell-free protein expression system to serve protein needs in life sciences and for industrial use. Performing protein synthesis outside of the cell in an in vitro system allows us to separate protein production from other processes required to maintain a cell. Thus, working cell-free opens new opportunities to better adopt protein synthesis to protein needs offering dedicated reagents to make for example membrane proteins in a lipid environment, labeled proteins for use in MS or NMR, or well-folded antigens for antibody production. Our scalable and flexible expression system can serve protein needs from the small amounts used for production of our protein bead arrays presenting up to 23,000 human full-length proteins to individual proteins made on large-scale for use in structural biology, medical research, on-demand product production, and diagnostic tests. Our eukaryotic expression system has a strong record on supporting a wide range of projects working on all kinds of proteins from the kingdoms of life.

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