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CellFree Sciences Co, established since 2002, started creating their products in the labs of Ehime University, Japan. Expanding their work through research, setting up products for various well known international Universities and Laboratories. Strategically partnering with leading providers of integrated software Biotechnology solutions, introduced in MARKET Protemist® and WEPRO® and many more.

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CellFree Sciences
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Premium ONE Expression Kit - TRIAL samples available until stocks last!

Coupled transcription and translation reaction format for rapid protein expression experiments enabling protein analysis by different detection methods such as SDS-PAGE, Western Blot Analysis, or working with labeled proteins.


  • The newly developed "WEPRO® TT" allows for easy-to-use coupled transcription/translation reactions requiring just a few pipetting steps.
  • Can be expressed from linear DNA templates as well as using an expression vector encoding the Open Reading Frame (ORF) for the protein of interest (PCR protocol and sense primers provided).
  • Confirm expression of target proteins in the wheat germ cell-free system within hours starting directly from template DNA.
  • Kit provides limited amount fluorescently-labeled lysine (FluoroTect™ GreenLys tRNA*1) for easy detection of target proteins without use of radio isotopes.
  • Using the fluorescent lysine labeling method or Western Blotting, proteins may be analyzed already doing 2-hour expression reactions.
  • Proteins can also be detected by SDS-PAGE followed by Coomassie Brilliant Blue (CBB) staining commonly after 12 to 24-hour reactions depending on protein yields.

Recommended for:

  • Users who want to confirm the expression of target proteins in wheat germ cell-free expression system
  • Users who want to test expression of different protein fragments using a PCR method for rapid template preparation
  • Users who need small protein amounts for analysis and testing

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