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Core Kits

Working on different Reaction Scales

The larger Core Kit format allows customers to perform linked transcription-translation reactions on different bilayer reaction scales: This includes a SMALL reaction scale of 227 μl (up to 100 reactions), a MEDIUM reaction scale of 1.2 ml (up to 20 reactions), and a LARGE reaction scale of 6 ml (up to 4 reactions). Commonly, a 6 ml bilayer reaction may provide about 1 mg of crude protein for a well-expressed protein; actual protein yields may vary. Core Kits are also available in amino-acid free versions (WEPRO8240) to conduct protein labeling experiments e.g., to work with isotope-labeled amino acids.

Catalog No.
Product Name
WEPRO7240 Core Kit
Depending on use
WEPRO7240G Core Kit
Depending on use
WEPRO7240H Core Kit
Depending on use
WEPRO8240 Core Kit
Depending on use
WEPRO8240G Core Kit
Depending on use
WEPRO8240H Core Kit
Depending on use


  • All reagents provided individually
  • Reactions can be performed on different scales
  • Available in S, G, and H versions
  • WEPRO8240 amino acid free versions available to prepare labeled proteins for MS and NMR
  • Inquire on WEPRO8240 Core Kits with added isotope-labeled amino acids
  • No expression vectors included