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Premium ONE Expression Kit

For Rapid Protein Synthesis

Coupled in vitro transcription-translation reactions are the most convenient and fasted way to perform a cell-free protein expression reaction as RNA and protein synthesis happen at the same time in the same reaction mixture. Our Premium ONE Expression Kit (CFS-EDX-ONE) offers all reagents needed to quickly setup coupled transcription-translation reactions. A 55 μl reaction may provide about 10 μg of a well-expressed protein when working with 2-to-24-hour reaction times. Actual protein yields may vary.

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Premium ONE Expression Kit
24 x 55 μl

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  • Rapid protein expression using premixed reagents
  • Scalable to meet with small protein needs
  • Kit contains expression vector and PCR primers for template preparation
  • FluoroTect™ GreenLys tRNA added to conduct up to 6 expression tests
  • Positive control included

Recommended for:

  • Users who want to confirm the expression of target proteins in wheat germ cell-free expression system
  • Users who want to test expression of different protein fragments using a PCR method for rapid template preparation
  • Users who need small protein amounts for analysis and testing

PremumOne Expression Kit