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Protein Research Kits

Introducing G and H Versions of our Wheat Germ Extract

We are using the unique features of a cell-free system to provide our customers with better solutions to prepare their proteins. Here, we developed G and H versions of our wheat germ extracts that have been precleared on glutathione or Ni resins to improve the purity of protein preparations. These are available as Protein Research Kits providing premixed reagents for easy setup of 16 reactions working on the same 226 μl bilayer translation reaction scale used in the PLUS Expression Kits.

Product No.
Product Name
Protein Research Kit S16
16 x 226 μl
Protein Research Kit G16
17 x 226 μl
Protein Research Kit H16 
18 x 226 μl

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  • Premixed reagents for fast setup
  • Available as standard version (S), for working with GST-tagged proteins (G), and for working with His-tagged proteins (H)
  • Protein yields sufficient to perform purification tests
  • No expression vectors included