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PLUS Expression Kits

Small-scale Protein Synthesis

CFS offers easy to use entry kits to serve customers having different protein needs. Those kits provide premixed reagents for quick reaction setup of linked transcription-translation reactions. Using separate
transcription and translation reactions offers more flexibility to modify the reaction conditions of translation reactions which we are using to provide special versions of the PLUS Expression Kit for the synthesis of proteins having disulfide bonds, the expression of membrane proteins in the presence of added liposomes, or to prepare reference proteins for mass spectroscopy (MS). A 226 μl bilayer translation reaction may provide about 30 μg of a well-expressed protein when working with a 20-hour reaction time. Actual protein yields may vary. Working with added liposomes in the translation reaction commonly reduces the protein yields.

Catalog No.
Product Name
Premium PLUS Expression Kit
8 x 226 μl
Disulfide Bond PLUS Expression Kit
8 x 226 μl
ProteoLiposome PLUS Expression Kit
8 x 240 μl
FLEXIQuant PLUS Expression Kit
8 x 226 μl
Premium PLUS Expression Kit for MS
16 x 226 μl


  • Premixed reagents for fast setup
  • Kits contain expression vector to support template preparation
  • Positive control included
  • ProteoLiposome PLUS Expression Kit contains asolectin derived liposomes for expression of membrane proteins into proteoliposomes
  • FLEXIQuant PLUS Expression Kit contains 13C and 15N labeled lysine and arginine, FLEX-tag peptide, and pEU-E01-His-FLEX-MCS-N1 expression vector to prepare labeled reference proteins having the FLEX-tag for quantification by protein MS
  • Premium PLUS Expression Kit for MS contains 13C and 15N labeled lysine and arginine to prepare reference standards for protein MS