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Cloud-Clone Corp.

CLOUD-CLONE CORP. is a high-tech company focusing on the research and experimental development of molecular biology and immunology, as well as the original manufacturer of core biological reagent raw materials. Founded in 2009, Cloud-Clone has 15 years of experience in scientific research and product accumulation.
We can provide 9,000 ELISA kits, more than 24000 SCI papers have been published, with an annual increase of more than 25%. Because more than 90% of these SCI papers come from our ELISA products, Cloud-Clone was awarded the best ELISA kit supplier award by CiteAb in 2020.
We have 14,000+ kinds of proteins in stock,including approximately 1000 active proteins.We try to increase at least 300 new active protein products, 600 new protein products by each year.
We have 17,000 primary antibodies in stock, 80 kinds of secondary antibodies, 4300 kinds of monoclonal antibodies, 140 kinds of recombinant antibodies. We have very mature technology to label the antibody, besides HRP, Biotin, PE, APC, PerCP, Cyanine, FITC, etc, we add Alexa Fluor series of labelled antibodies currently.
We have about 250 primary cell products in stock, from various organs and tissues of rat, mouse, dog, sheep, rabbit and other species, generally the lead time is around 1-6 weeks after order placed. At the same time, we can provide 160+ kinds of cell line products from human, mouse, monkey, chicken, dog, pig, cow and other species.

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Cloud-Clone Corp.