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Back to blog Lightning fast labelling with oYo from Alpha Thera

Lightning fast labelling with oYo from Alpha Thera

Because many bioconjugation kits are not site specific there can be a number of problems finding the right antibody to label in the first place. Quite often antibodies need to be carrier protein free, as these proteins get labelled too, and the presence of glycerol can interfere with the labelling process.

Antibodies may also need to be at a concentration of 1mg/ml which may require the lab to have to concentrate the antibody before they start,

Some labs are happy to routinely run an antibody clean up and concentration before they start, but it can be very costly if it goes wrong!

The oYo system from Alpha Thera is a site-specific antibody labelling system that enables direct labelling with common haptens like biotin or enzymes like HRP, drug conjugates and clickable motif labelling such as azide, DBCO, thiol & tetrazine. 

oYo labelling is compatible with a range of buffers, culture media and buffer additives including BSA and up to 50% glycerol. Another great advantage is that the antibody concentrations can be as low as 50ug/ml.


It’s quick!  Just 2 Steps:

Step 1 – 30s set up

Step 2 – 2hr illumination method


Gives - 100% antibody recovery and optional post labelling clean up.

If you’re fed up with having to spend hours to find the right antibody you can label with your lightning-fast labelling kit, and not happy with the results, Contact us!