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AlphaThera’s mission is to make antibody labeling as simple and consistent as possible, giving scientists confidence in their bioconjugation reactions. Tracing its origins to research in the lab of Co-founder Dr. Andrew Tsourkas at the University of Pennsylvania, AlphaThera has since rapidly grown and engaged the commercial space, launching over 15 different products and serving clients both domestic and worldwide. AlphaThera’s rapid growth can be attributed to effective translation of novel lab discoveries into valuable product offerings for our clients, with our oYo-Link® site-specific antibody labeling technology at the core of our product portfolio and enabling a variety of applications including high-sensitivity ELISAs, flow cytometry, single-cell analysis, and more.

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Following the successful development of novel conjugation technology, AlphaThera's research and business team has expanded its efforts to bring this innovation to the broader market. 2BScientific is proud to have them as a supplier to provide researchers with cutting-edge bioconjugation platforms, enabling the efficient immobilisation of antibodies or the labelling of antibodies with various functional molecules such as dyes, biotins, DNA strands, and more. 

AlphaThera is committed to advancing research and development at their Pennovation Lab space while actively exploring new applications for their oYo-Link. They recently introduced a product for oligo conjugation, allowing customers to attach DNA strands to antibodies for single-cell or subcellular analysis. 

oYo-Link® streamlines antibody labelling for researchers with rapid, hands-on processes taking less than 30 seconds. It enables covalent, site-specific labelling to the Fc region without compromising antibody functionality, resulting in efficient labelling with 1 to 2 labels per antibody. Researchers can label small amounts (1 µg) in diluted solutions (50 µg/mL) with robust buffer compatibility, eliminating purification steps and ensuring 100% sample recovery, resulting in saving both time and resources.


Other Antibody Labelling Reagents
Labelling technologySite-specificRandom
Antibody concentration requirement>50ug/mL1mg/mL
Buffer requirementsAlmost no limitNo Tris, No BSA, No Glycerol etc
Stability of regentsHighly stableLoss of activity after reconstitution
Single/multiple useMultiple useSingle use
Stability of conjugated antibodyHighly StableMay cause aggregation
Antibody binding affinityMaintainedLowered or lost
Verification of antibody conjugationRun on SDS-PAGE gelHard to know
Removal of free reagentsNo need in most applicationsRemoval required
  • Over 90% more efficient click reactions.
  • Site-specific, covalent labelling guarantees no interference with antibody performance.
  • <30 seconds "hands-on" time, 2 hours total. Just mix & illuminate.
  • Compatible with all common buffers, including BSA, Tris & Azide.