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Since 1983, PROGEN has been an established manufacturer and supplier of premium antibodies, in vitro diagnostics, and reagents for the global life science research community. The company’s portfolio attracts and serves a well-diversified clientele in research institutes and universities, pharmaceutical and biotech companies as well as private and clinical laboratories. While PROGEN ’s antibodies are among the most published antibodies in biomedical and cell biology literature, its ELISA kits aim at niche markets in microbiology, infectious diseases, and immunology. Building on its extensive core-competency and experience in immunochemistry, the company has expanded its product and service portfolio in recent years to include recombinant antibody engineering, antibody phage display technology, density gradient media, and AAV (adeno-associated virus) test kits for gene therapy research. Since October 2012, PROGEN has been a 100% subsidiary of the R-Biopharm AG. Together with the R-Biopharm Group and its partners PROGEN aims to support and extend existing markets as well as to enter new ones.


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