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DENDRITICS was started in 2005 by former members of SCHERING PLOUGH Laboratory for Immunological Research (LIR) in Dardilly, France.
The initial drive for DENDRITICS was inspired by our will to supply the scientific community with the large collection of monoclonal antibodies we had developed at LIR. Most of the antibodies presented in this catalogue directly result from our participation in gene discovery programs and functional studies. Consequently, we strongly believe that DENDRITICS has a competitive advantage to ensure high product quality and expert understanding of the underlying science.

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Overview of Dendritics products:

  • Murine monoclonal antibodies targeting the dendritic cells and their micro-environment for research and diagnostic.
  • Blood B Booster kit intended for multi species B cell activation and immortalization towards genuine (human and animal) monoclonal antibodies.
  • Natural human monoclonal antibodies isolated from B cells immortalized using the Blood B Booster technology.
  • Recombinant cytokines and freeze-dried transfected murine fibroblasts intended for B and dendritic cell activation/differentiation in vitro.
  • Custom-made monoclonal antibodies.

Anti-BDCA-2 (CD303)

● Monoclonal 

● Various applications

● 5 different conjugates 

Anti-BDCA-2 (CD303)

Murine monoclonal antibodies target human dendritic cells

  • DC subtypes
  • Migration and Maturation of DC
  • Antigen presentation
  • DC activation
Murine monoclonal antibodies target human dendritic cells

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