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Human Dendritic Cell Research Products

Dendritic Cells (DC’s) are part of the immune system. In the immature state, they are loquâtes in different tissues of an organism, and they play a sentinel role, constantly sampling the surrounding environment waiting for any danger signal (pathogens, tumor cells). During their maturation, they become professional antigen presenting cells.

Thanks to their unique ability to activate naive T-Cells, Dendritic cells occupy a coordination role, and they are responsible for the induction and control of the immune response, making the link between innate and adaptative immunity.

Obtained through a powerful and innovative strategy combining cell sorting, subtractive libraries, expression library and bioinformatics, our antibodies cover both the different DC subpopulations and the different isoforms of molecules expressed by DC (in vitro, in vivo, ex-vivo, in situ).