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LNP Kits from Echelon Biosciences!

With the advent of mRNA vaccines and therapies, one of the key challenges has been safe delivery of the mRNA to the required cells without being degraded on route. Although modifications to the mRNA can help limit its susceptibility to RNAses Lipid nanoparticles (LNP) are proving effective, not only in helping to protect the mRNA on its journey but also help facilitate entry into the cells.


Nanoparticles are typically made of four types of lipids, and the ratios of the components can help determine structural stability, half-life in the body, efficacy of membrane fusion, endosomal escape, and cell binding. 


The scientists at Echelon Biosciences have formulated the LNP Trailblazer kits designed for quick assembly of RNA-LNPs in biological systems. They can either come with the component lipids supplied separately (K-6300L) or with the lipids pre-mixed and ready for loading (K-6300-M). Each kit offers a choice of ionizable lipids that can be selected appropriately for the mRNA to be packaged. 


Echelon Biosciences also offer a wide range of lipids and reagents for lipid research to enable researchers to formulate their own LNP and also for research into lipid-protein interactions and phosphoinositide-signalling lipids.