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Seamless Solutions, Swift Results with 2BFound - Your Gateway to Essential Research Reagents.

What is 2BFound?

2BScientific provides a one-of-a-kind service dedicated to empowering researchers with the essential reagents required to make an impact in their field. We have over 2.5 million products from over 100 suppliers, but we understand that still doesn’t cover everything, and that’s why we are here to help. 2BFound is the solution, and is a free service designed to save you searching for an eternity for your desired reagent – We will do the legwork to find it and get it to you as soon as possible!

Why use 2BFound?

2BScientific takes care of the entire ordering and shipping process, including international logistics and import to the UK, providing researchers with a hassle-free and reliable solution to meet their specialised research needs. In addition, 2BScientific continues to provide the full range of guarantees on these found reagents, this includes out 100% Product satisfaction and 2B’s Price match!

How can I use 2BFound?

Connect with a member of the 2BScientific team to discuss the reagent or kit you're in search of.

Our dedicated team will initiate a thorough search to find your desired product at the most competitive price within the next 48 hours.

Upon locating the product, we will promptly email you a detailed quote for your review.

A Testimonial from Gang Li of King’s College London

Dr. Li encountered a challenge while searching online for a niche product essential for his research, and despite being unable to locate it through conventional means, he discovered the invaluable resource of 2BFound. Having heard about this service from a colleague and having never heard of a distributor providing a similar service, he approached 2BScientific with his specific requirements. We promptly replied, explaining not only did 2BScientific manage to find the elusive product through 2BFound, but would take care of the entire process, seamlessly, removing any possible further stress for our valued customer. Dr. Li proceeded to place a bulk order with confidence, expressing his gratitude for the one-of-a-kind, hassle-free experience and emphasising the remarkable utility of the 2BFound service in facilitating his research.

We look forward to hearing of his research success soon!