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Back to blog Interview with L'Espresso

Interview with L'Espresso

In an interview with L'Espresso, a renowned Italian magazine celebrated for its rigorous investigative journalism and comprehensive coverage of politics, current events, and culture. Company owners James and Tim Bernard underscored the crucial role 2BScientific plays in advancing scientific endeavours, from cancer research to vaccine development and the testing of new drugs.

L’Espresso detail that every day, 2BScientific imports essential health products from major multinational suppliers across the globe, spanning fields from oncology to virology, neuroscience to molecular biology, gene therapy to in vitro diagnostics. L’Espresso discussed the broad range of 2.5 million available products with the owners, including antibodies, proteins, test kits, reagents, and biomaterials with the roots of 2BScientific tracing back to the Bernard brothers' founding of the largest antibody manufacturing company. An entity they eventually sold to establish their current venture.

The brothers went on to express unwavering confidence in the potential of the younger generation within their interview, seeing them as passionate, interested, and determined. The topic of Artificial intelligence was also discussed, whereby Tim and James described this as a welcome change, the theme of the future, and a tool to neutralise delays in medicine rather than a source of fear. They explained that they look forward to its integration into healthcare systems demonstrating once again, the progressiveness and adaptability of their mindsets.

Challenges posed by the pandemic are detailed in the article, reminding readers that the Bernards maintained their commitment to their workforce and development. Reflecting on the impact of Brexit, James Bernard described it as "the worst event, a political disaster that struck science, isolating innovations and slowing down the distribution of essential medicines." However, they express satisfaction with the agreement that allowed them to rejoin Horizon Europe, the 100-billion-euro scientific program.

L’Espresso furthermore discussed 2BScientific’s commitment to environmental sustainability, with a carbon-neutral headquarters, recyclable packaging, and clean energy initiatives powered by wind. Further noted in their article is 2BScientific becoming the first biotech certified as carbon neutral, and a portion of their profits goes to non-governmental organisations.

Beyond the fields of biotechnology and commerce, the Bernards additionally explored their role in humanitarian efforts, hosting asylum seekers with their families to navigate English administration, teaching them the language, and witnessing their integration and contributions to the country.
In conclusion, James and Tim’s interview with L’Espresso reinstated that 2BScientific is not merely another life science distributor but a family started company with a narrative of innovation, sustainability, and a profound commitment to advancing humanity's well-being.

Grazie mille Simone Baglivo e L'Espresso per il vostro gentile articolo su 2BScientific

See the full interview here <James and Tim Bernard: "We are the Amazon of science. Every day we deliver life-saving products to those who do research» | L'Espresso (>