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Cite Ab Report 2020

Cite Ab recently released a report of the 100 most used kits in 2019, and Vector Laboratories is pleased that their reagents feature well.

Vector Laboratories has over 40 years’ experience manufacturing reagents for IHC and IF, and have an excellent record for reliability & reproducibility, which is a great comfort if you may need to repeat an experiment to get your paper through review or for the board!


Blocking biotin

Avidin Biotin Blocking Kit - SP-2001

18mls each of ready to use avidin & biotin blocking solution – highly recommended when working  on kidney or liver tissues, and other samples showing background staining caused by endogenous biotin.


Specialist Blocking – enabling detection of mouse primary antibodies on mouse tissues

Vector Basic Mouse on Mouse (M.O.M.) KitBMK-2202

Monoclonal antibodies were most abundantly made in mouse cell lines, which presented an issue for researchers working on mouse tissues, as specific staining was obscured by endogenous mouse Ig in their sections. Until the Vector MOM kits were released, the only solution available required calculations of antibody Fc concentrations and extra purification steps. The MOM Kits rely on a special Ig blocking reagent and modified biotinylated secondary antibody to enable MOM staining even when the concentration of the primary antibody has not been quantified.

The Basic MOM kit can be detected with any (strept)avidin reagent to yield results either with enzyme substrates or fluorophores. The kit stains around 250 sections.

Detection systems 

VECTASTAIN HRP Kits - PK-4000 series – These kits stain a whopping 1000-2000 slides each. Provided as a ‘Standard’ Kit with just the ABC layer reagents, or kits that include the biotinylated secondary antibody and recommended serum for a non-specific protein block.

VECTASTAIN Elite HRP Kits PK-6100 Series – These kits stain 500-1000 sections, but are 5x more sensitive than the PK-4000 series (above), which permits less primary antibody to be used for the same intensity of staining. The modified ABC layer is a smaller sized molecule allowing much better penetration on thicker sections too.  This range also has some ready to use versions – the PK-7000 series making them super reproducible and so easy to get up and running. 

DAB Substrate

Vector’s DAB Substrate KitSK-4100-  is very reliable and simple to make up in distilled water. Provided in dropper bottles to help reduce pipette tips needed, this kit takes just moments to prepare. DAB is a suspected carcinogen, so weighing out of DAB powders is often a concern in labs, but the risks are much reduced when it’s in solution. This kit makes 300 ml of working solution, so would be expected to stain 1500-3000 sections.

ImmPACT versions of DAB are 4x more sensitive, so particularly worth considering for more expensive primaries. 


The reagents featured are key components of the ABC Immunohistochemistry protocol, covering most of the method following incubation with your primary antibody or biotinylated reagent. We’re offering FREE ImmEDGE pens - hydrophobic barrier pens that help keep your valuable reagents stay put, and so reduce the chances of your sections drying out during incubations.

Buy one each of SP-2001, PK-4000 series or PK-6100 series & SK-4100 with 1 free ImmEdge Pen

BMK-2202 & fluorophore with a DyLight Streptavidin & get a free  Vectashield Plus (2ml)

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Have any questions? We offer full technical support for Vector Laboratories' reagents in the UK and Ireland, so give us a shout