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BioAuxilium is a Canadian biotechnology company founded by seasoned scientists from PerkinElmer. It focuses on the design, development and manufacturing of top-quality, fully-validated assay kits that simplify laboratory workflow and accelerate biomedical research. Since its inception in 2013, Bioauxilium has licensed hundreds of TR FRET assay kits enabling the quantification of cellular proteins and biomarkers. BioAuxilium’s kits are based on its proprietary THUNDER™ TR-FRET technology. They are offered at an outstanding value and are supported by expert technical support.

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BioAuxilium, co-founded by Dr. Jaime Padros and Mireille Caron, feature over two decades of collective academic and industry experience, with focused expertise in designing, developing, and manufacturing assay kits and reagents. The founders are renowned for their proficiency across numerous platforms, including TR-FRET, AlphaScreen®/AlphaLISA®, BRET/BRET2, FP, Aequorin, and more.

Since its establishment in 2013, BioAuxilium, the guidance of Mireille and Jaime, along with their team of scientists, has been instrumental in the creation and licensing of numerous TR-FRET assay kits. These kits play a pivotal role in enabling the quantification of cellular proteins and biomarkers. Notably, BioAuxilium's innovative THUNDER™ TR-FRET assay platform further enhances the precision of their products, ensuring advanced solutions for research applications in the field.

Time-Resolved Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer (TR-FRET) enhances FRET capabilities by introducing time-resolved measurements. By measuring fluorescence over time, TR-FRET provides more accurate insights into molecular interactions and dynamics. Particularly valuable in high-throughput screening assays for drug discovery, TR-FRET offers a robust approach to identify and characterise potential drug candidates. In life science research, TR-FRET becomes vital when precise timing information about molecular events is critical, presenting a refined alternative to conventional FRET. For more information of FRET and TR-FRET, please visit our dedicated page here!

The THUNDER™ TR-FRET assay platform further improves this technology by employing a carefully selected pair of donor-acceptor fluorophores, offering exceptional spectral compatibility and TR-FRET signal. THUNDER assays, utilising a long-lifetime and highly stable Europium chelate as the donor fluorophore and a unique far-red fluorophore as the acceptor, significantly reduce background interference and enhance signal-to-background ratios, providing reproducible and robust assays for advanced research applications.

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BioAuxilium founders have over 20 years of academic and industry experience. They have a renowned expertise in the design, development and manufacturing of assay kits and reagents on the most popular technology platforms available (e.g., TR-FRET, AlphaScreen®/AlphaLISA®, BRET/BRET2, FP, Aequorin and more).

BioAuxilium is based in Montréal (Canada) and located within NEOMED’s state-of-the-art laboratories and core facilities where the company provides a wide range of product and assay development services to academic and industry research groups.

THUNDERTM TR-FRET Human Cytokine Assay Kits - The real alternative to Elisa and existing TR-FRET assays

BioAuxilium has expanded its line of THUNDER™ TR-FRET cell-based kits with the launch of assays designed to quantitate key pro-inflammatory human cytokines in cell supernatants in a simple, quick, reproducible and robust manner. The new kits contain
matched labelled-antibody pairs and an optimized assay buffer to develop a TR-FRET immunoassay using the recommended standard, which must be purchased separately. They offer an economical and versatile alternative to buying complete kits.

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We compared head- to-head the performance of THUNDER™ with two existing TR-FRET assay technologies. Six endogenous phosphorylated proteins were measured in lysates from cells treated with pathway-specific modulators.

THUNDER™ phospho-protein assays exhibit superior or comparable performance at a lower cost per well.

BioAuxilium has recently introduced THUNDER™, a new immunoassay platform based on an enhanced TR-FRET technology. The THUNDER™ Cell Signaling Assay Kits are designed to measure endogenous levels of specific intracellular phosphorylated proteins with high sensitivity, specificity, robustness and cost effectiveness. The aim of this Application Note was to compare head-to-head the performance of THUNDER™ in 384-well plate format with two existing TR-FRET technologies (Companies A and B) measuring a panel of six phosphorylated proteins. The three TR-FRET assay technology
platforms were evaluated for their capacity to measure relative levels of phosphorylated 4EBP1 (T37/T46), AKTpan (S473), ERK1/2 (T202/ Y204) p38αβγ (T180/Y182), SLP-76 (S376) and STAT3 (Y705) in wholecell lysates from cells treated with pathway-specific modulators.

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New THUNDER™ TR-FRET Toolbox Reagents

BioAuxilium have released their new range of products -THUNDER™ TR-FRET Toolbox Reagents!

These reagents are used by drug discovery scientists to design TR-FRET assays using anti-tag and/or streptavidin labelled with either the donor (Europium chelate) or the acceptor (far-red dye) fluorophores.

New THUNDER™ TR-FRET Toolbox Reagents