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THUNDER™ TR-FRET Toolbox Reagents

BioAuxilium Research continues to expand its line of high-quality, highly validated assay tools with the launch of the THUNDER™ TR-FRET Toolbox reagents. Based on BioAuxilium’s versatile, robust, and cost-effective TR-FRET technology platform, this collection of “mix-and-match” reagents allows you to design and build your own homogeneous (no-wash) TR-FRET assay easily and quickly.

Here is an example of an assay design for studying the interaction between a His-tagged protein and a GST-tagged protein, using THUNDER™ TR-FRET Eu-anti-6xHis and FR-anti-GST toolbox reagents:

Toolbox diagram

Advantages of using THUNDER™ Toolbox reagents

  • EASY & FAST – no-wash “add-incubate-read” protocol
  • CONVENIENT – Read on most TR-FRET compatible readers
  • AFFORDABLE – Flexible sizes and outstanding value
  • RELIABLE – Fully validated and tested for lot-to-lot consistency
  • THUNDER™ TR-FRET platform – sensitive, reproducible, and robust assay performance


List of Available Toolbox Reagents:

Europium-labelled reagents
Product Link
THUNDER™ TR-FRET Europium-labeled Anti-6xHis
THUNDER™ TR-FRET Europium-labeled Anti-c-Myc
THUNDER™ TR-FRET Europium-labeled Anti-FLAG
THUNDER™ TR-FRET Europium-labeled Anti-GST
THUNDER™ TR-FRET Europium-labeled Anti-V5
THUNDER™ TR-FRET Europium-labeled Anti-Human IgG
THUNDER™ TR-FRET Europium-labeled Anti-Mouse IgG
THUNDER™ TR-FRET Europium-labeled Anti-Rabbit IgG
THUNDER™ TR-FRET Europium-labeled Streptavidin

Acceptor-labelled reagents
Product Link
THUNDER™ TR-FRET Acceptor-labeled Anti-6xHis
THUNDER™ TR-FRET Acceptor-labeled Anti-c-Myc
THUNDER™ TR-FRET Acceptor-labeled Anti-FLAG
THUNDER™ TR-FRET Acceptor-labeled Anti-GST
THUNDER™ TR-FRET Acceptor-labeled Anti-V5
THUNDER™ TR-FRET Europium-labeled Anti-Human IgG
THUNDER™ TR-FRET Acceptor-labeled Anti-Mouse IgG
THUNDER™ TR-FRET Acceptor-labeled Anti-Rabbit IgG
THUNDER™ TR-FRET Acceptor-labeled Streptavidin

The number of assay points is based on an assay volume of 20 μL in low volume 384-well assay plates using the reagent at the recommended concentration.

The recommended Detection Buffer to use with the THUNDER™ Toolbox reagents is the THUNDER™ TR-FRET Detection Buffer (10X), sold in 2ml, 10ml and 100ml sizes.