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Vector IHC Technical Resources

Immunohistochemistry Resource Guide
Vector Immunohistochemistry Guide

This IHC guide will help you navigate through the many choices of detection systems, substrates, and ancillary reagents that complete your workflow.

ImmPRESS Polymer Detection Brochure ImPRESS Polymer Detection Polymer

This brochure describes ImmPRESS micropolymer technology and includes schematics to help the user choose the most appropriate format for their applications.

Enzymes Substrate Brochure

Enzyme Substrates from VectorThis brochure contains information on substrate properties especially useful for those who wish to multiplex.

Comprehensive Staining Kits to Simplify your IHC Workflow

Comprehensive Staining Kits from VectorIndividual kits with essential IHC workflow components in prediluted, ready-to-use formats, end users are empowered with more consistent results through reduction of assay variables, avoiding the uncertainty of using mismatched reagents and ultimately saving time.

Automated IHC Protocols using ImmPRESS Polymer Reagents

Vector IHC AutostainersWe have produced an applications note describing the use of our ImmPRESS HRP polymer on 3 popular autostainers: Dako Autostainer Plus, Leica Bond Rx and Ventana Discovery Ultra.

ABC Troubleshooting

ABC TissueTrouble when using Avidin Biotin Complex (ABC) Kits?
This guide will help you get to the bottom of it.

Multiple Labelling GuideVector Multiple LabellingMore than one antigen to stain?
Get started with this helpful guide.

VectaMount Express
VectaMount ExpressSkip the full dehydration protocol but still mount non-aqueously?
This one is a real time saver!

Troubleshooting Guide for Polymer Kits
Vector Polymer Kit Troubleshooting

A quick reference guide that outlines the systematic controls to help identify background sources in an IHC protocol detection system. Also troubleshoot issues of weak or no staining.

Sample Preparation
Sample Preparation

How to prepare FFPE or Frozen sections for IHC.