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Anti-Llama Secondary Antibodies

Camelids produce conventional immunoglobulins (Igs) consisting of two heavy and two light chains as well as IgG heavy chain only antibodies (HcAbs) that have a simpler structure. The antigen binding domain of each HcAb heavy chain, known as the VHH region, has a molecular weight of just 15 kDa and can be produced recombinantly to provide several important advantages for scientific research.

Critically, due to their small size, VHH antibodies can more easily penetrate cells and tissue samples during applications such as intracellular flow cytometry and immunohistochemistry (IHC). VHH antibodies also have high solubility and thermostability and are more amenable to engineering than conventional immunoglobulins.

SouthernBiotech offers a comprehensive selection of anti-llama secondary antibodies for detecting the various Ig heavy chain classes and IgG subclasses as well as IgG(H+L) and VHH. These include both monoclonal and polyclonal secondaries, produced in mouse and goat, all of which are extensively characterized and available in multiple formats.

Clone: SB189b

Mouse Anti-Llama IgM-UNLB5820-01L1.0 mg
5820-01M0.5 mg
5820-01S0.1 mg
Mouse Anti-Llama IgM-AP5820-041.0 mL
Mouse Anti-Llama IgM-HRP5820-051.0 mL
Mouse Anti-Llama IgM-BIOT5820-080.5 mg


Clone: SB183e

Mouse Anti-Llama IgG2/IgG3-UNLB5880-01L1.0 mg
5880-01M0.5 mg
5880-01S0.1 mg
Mouse Anti-Llama IgG2/IgG3-AP5880-041.0 mL
Mouse Anti-Llama IgG2/IgG3-HRP5880-051.0 mL
Mouse Anti-Llama IgG2/IgG3-BIOT5880-080.5 mg

Clone: SB182L

Mouse Anti-Llama IgG1-UNLB5870-01L1.0 mg
5870-01M0.5 mg
5870-01S0.1 mg
Mouse Anti-Llama IgG1-AP5870-041.0 mL
Mouse Anti-Llama IgG1-HRP5870-051.0 mL
Mouse Anti-Llama IgG1-BIOT5870-080.5 mg



Mouse Anti-Llama IgM-UNLB6045-011.0 mg
Goat Anti-Llama IgG(H+L)-FITC6045-020.5 mg
Goat Anti-Llama IgG(H+L)-AP6045-040.1 mL
Goat Anti-Llama IgG(H+L)-HRP6045-051.0 mL
Mouse Anti-Llama IgM-HRP6045-081.0 mg
Mouse Anti-Llama IgM-BIOT6045-301.0 mg
Goat Anti-Llama IgG(H+L)-AF6476045-311.0 mg

Llama IgG and llama serum was resolved by electrophoresis, transferred to PVDF membrane, and probed with Mouse Anti-Llama IgM-UNLB (SB Cat. No. 5820-01L) followed by Goat Anti-Mouse IgG2b, Human ads-HRP (SB Cat. No. 1090-05) and chemiluminescent detection.


ELISA plate was coated with purified llama IgG1, IgG2/IgG3,  IgM, and a VHH antibody. Immunoglobulins were detected with Mouse Anti-Llama IgG2/IgG3-UNLB (SB Cat. No. 5880-01L) followed by Goat Anti-Mouse IgG2b, Human ads-HRP (SB Cat. No. 1090-05).