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2BScientific is proud to offer RayBiotech’s cutting edge technologies that enable researchers to achieve more, faster and with more confidence. Their mission is to empower investigations in the discovery of disease related protein biomarkers, key factors surrounding them, identification of new drug targets and the advancement of personalised medical solutions. With over 25,000 citations, ISO 13485:2016 in addition to ISO 17025:2017 and adherence to cGMP regulations, RayBiotech offers solutions you can trust to present a complete picture of disease states and developing the prognostics, diagnostics, and therapeutics needed to develop personalised healthcare solutions.

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RayBiotech Antibody Arrays

Arrays – Disease progression and therapeutic efficacy of a treatment can be investigated with protein biomarkers to provide vital information about these biological processes. However, with the complexity of these processes, it is crucial to analyse a range of biomarkers simultaneously using arrays. 

RayBiotech offers a broad range of these arrays including antibody, glycobiology, protein, phosphorylation, and RayPlex Bead Arrays, all of which are ISO certified and rigorously tested multiplex arrays.

RayBiotech Antibody Arrays

Raybiotech's other product ranges

ELISA Kits – For a sensitive solution for quantitative detection, investigating cellular regulation, or conducting quality control studies, RayBiotech has you covered.  With over 6000 targets from 17 different species, all of which have undergone rigorous quality controls, additionally covering sandwich ELISA, competitive ELISA, Indirect ELISA to name a few, as well as any further ELISA buffers and reagents.

Proteins and Peptides – RayBiotech offers an incredible range of ready-to-use proteins and peptides including purified proteins, cell lysates, cell supernatant and inhibitors. These additionally undergo the same thorough QC to ensure that regardless of the standard, control, or substrate, it will be up to the researchers’ standards. 

Antibodies – With over 18,000 monoclonal and polyclonal research antibodies, RayBiotech aims to meet researchers’ stringent quality requirements, they understand that the data is only as good as the reagents used. This is why they insist that they manufacture everything they sell in house, once again, reinforcing RayBiotech’s high standards and demonstrating that they, like us at 2B, put the customer first.

Phosphorylation - For the simultaneous detection of multiple protein phosphorylations, RayBiotech offer a solution for multiplex protein detection, meaning tens to thousands of different proteins can be analysed simultaneously, whilst taking less than a day and requiring low to moderate skill. This overall works to verify pathway activation in cell lines without the need for analysis using immunoprecipitation studies or western blot.

RayBiotech additionally offers comprehensive services for protein analysis projects, including custom array printing and ELISA services. Their experienced team provides high-quality custom antibodies and fast, scalable protein production across various expression systems. 

For any further information regarding RayBiotech’s product portfolio, reagents in general, or anything surrounding life science reagents for research, get in contact with us at and we will get back to you within 24 hours!