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PBL Assay Science

With a remarkable history spanning over three decades, PBL Assay Science stands as your dedicated supplier of specialty immunoassay products and biomarker testing services. In collaboration with 2BScientific, PBL is committed to delivering tailored solutions that cater to the specific needs of biological researchers worldwide.

PBL's core expertise lies in the realm of immune system proteins, notably interferons and cytokines. As a leading manufacturer, PBL offer a comprehensive array of meticulously crafted proteins, antibodies, and immunoassay kits. Their products are renowned for their exceptional quality and reliability, a testament to rigorous validation processes that include high-impact publication references and extensive clinical program endorsements. Researchers can trust in the precision and accuracy of PBL's offerings, providing a solid foundation for their investigations.

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PBL Assay Science

Their immunoassay products empower researchers to unravel the complexities of the immune system, leading to breakthroughs in understanding disease mechanisms, host-pathogen interactions, and immunological responses.

PBL's biomarker testing services contribute to accurate disease diagnosis and patient stratification. By leveraging our solutions, researchers can identify and measure key biomarkers that provide insights into disease progression and treatment efficacy.

Pharmaceutical and biotechnology researchers can rely on PBL's interferon and cytokine products to facilitate drug discovery and development. Precise measurement of these immune system proteins aids in evaluating potential therapeutic candidates and assessing their effects on the immune response.

Their immunoassay kits enable researchers to characterise patient populations, tailoring treatments based on individual biomarker profiles.

PBL Assay Science's products offer a multitude of benefits to biological researchers. Their immune system proteins and biomarker testing solutions play a pivotal role in advancing scientific understanding across a wide spectrum of disciplines.

PBL's products have a proven track record of use in high-impact publications, demonstrating their significance in cutting-edge research. Researchers can leverage these well-established tools to enhance the credibility and impact of their findings.

Choosing PBL Assay Science as your biomarker solution provider through 2BScientific unlocks a world of opportunities for life science researchers. Their products pave the way for groundbreaking discoveries, improved patient care, and the advancement of scientific knowledge. Join us in their mission to empower researchers with high-quality solutions and foster innovation across the biological sciences.

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