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Future Fields

Future Fields is revolutionising the biomanufacturing process by utilising nature's systems, specifically with fruit flies, in combination with advanced genetic engineering techniques. Unlike conventional methods that rely on resource-intensive systems such as E. Coli and CHO, Future Fields has harnessed the potential of the fruit fly through innovative fly farming techniques. This novel approach, referred to as the EntoEngine ™ marks a pioneering achievement in the field.

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Future Fields

The hard work and revolutionary platform Future Fields offer has been acknowledged by Forbes, in which they detail the difficulties of more traditional methods of synthesising recombinant proteins and explain how many issues in this process, such as scaling and costs, is largely resolved with Future Fields groundbreaking progress. For the full Forbes article, please visit this page.

Addressing the pressing concern of sustainability, the company has also embraced a pivotal role in "1% for the Planet" a renowned philanthropic organisation. Furthermore, they have spearheaded assessments within their field, setting an industry precedent by being the first in the growth factors industry with their "ACT" initiative. See below for more details on their sustainable values.

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