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Cape Biologix Technologies

Cape Biologix is a world leader in the large-scale development and manufacture of a wide variety of recombinant proteins using plant transient expression technology. Their offerings include Product Sales, Custom Protein Development, and Contract Manufacture Services from their ISO 13485 certified facility based in Cape Town, South Africa. Cape Biologix Technologies’ product catalogue of recombinant proteins currently includes monoclonal antibodies, proteins and infectious disease antigens for research and diagnostics applications.

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Cape Biologix Technologies


More information on Cape Biologix Technologies and their services


Cape Biologix Technologies partner with you to explore untapped opportunities in their transient plant expression system. As one of the world’s foremost experts in recombinant protein development in plants, you can trust Cape Biologix Technologies’ scientists to provide innovative strategies and unparalleled expertise in plant transient expression.
Their service offerings include:

Custom Protein DevelopmentContract Manufacture
Develop recombinant proteins to meet your needs that are most
suited to being met in plant transient expression systems.
Plants' unique expression characteristics make them perfect for manufacturing
such as cytokines, enzymes, and growth factors at unbeatable cost.

Advantages of their services include:

  • Capable of expressing a wide spectrum of complex and simple proteins.
  • Best at expressing native plant proteins.
  • Able to manufacture chimerically fused proteins.
  • Products are animal-derived component free.
  • Unbeatable cost savings at bulk.


Plant Transient Expression

Cape Biologix Technologies' method of producing recombinant proteins by transient gene expression in plants (PtX™) shares similar basic steps to other expression systems, such as DNA cloning, transformation, and protein purification. The defining characteristic of plant transient expresiion is the infiltration of plants with expression vector-containing agrobacterium. See Figure 1 below for a summary of their plant transient expression (PtX™) technology.

Plant transient expression is a well-established technology that provides compelling benefits and equivalent performance compared to other expression systems including its unique expression characteristics, scalability, quality, flexibility, and sustainability. After 30 years of maturation, leading to it proving its unique advantages and ability to align with industry quality standard, molecular farming can now be added to the list of extablished expression systems.

Additonal literature on Plant-based Expression:

Molecular farming - The slope of enlightenmentCritical Analysis of the Commercial Potential of Plants for the
Production of Recombinant Proteins
Very-large-scale production of antibodies in plants:
The biologization of manufacturing
Plant-based expression platforms to produce
high-value metabolites and proteins
Transient expression systems for plant-derived
Comparison of the most important expression systems
for the production of recombinant proteins
Plant molecular farming in the wake of the closure
of Medicago Inc
SARS-CoV-2 Antigens Expressed in Plants Detect
Antibody Responses in COVID-19 Patients

See below for Cape Biologix's plant expression publications and ISO accreditations.