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Founded in 2006 by one of the chief scientists from world-renowned Clontech Laboratories, Cellecta is a functional genomics solutions provider located in the heart of Silicon Valley, Mountain View, California

With a strong focus on developing and implementing broad-based screening and analysis approaches for drug target and biomarker discovery, Cellecta leverages a large network of collaborators and consultants with a vast knowledge base in its research areas of expertise.

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More Information about Cellecta

At 2BScientific, we recognise Cellecta as a trusted provider of both off-the-shelf products and custom services to support functional genetic screening. These encompass:

• Highly customised research using advanced lentiviral technology, including custom and genome-wide pooled lentiviral shRNA, CRISPR, CRISPRa/i, libraries for any set of genes in any lentivector
• End-to-end RNAi and CRISPR genetic screening with pooled lentiviral shRNA and CRISPR sgRNA libraries
• Reporter cell line development for genetic screens and other applications
• Custom stable CRISPR knockout, CRISPRa/i knock-in/knockdown, and shRNA knockdown as well as cDNA expression isogenic cell lines
• Biomarker discovery using targeted PCR and NGS
• Cell barcoding kits and libraries for tracking of cell populations and clonal cell progeny
• Tet-Inducible Systems and Vectors

Recently, 2BScientific customers have reached out to them to learn more about Cellecta’s ready-to-use CRISPR cells, CRISPR sgRNA and CRISPR sgRNA construct libraries. Designed to support a range of research requirements, these products are provided with detailed instructions and backed by a wealth of technical resources.

They’ve also seen increased interest in Cellecta’s shRNA constructs and libraries, many of which are typically purchased alongside companion products to maximise the output of research studies.



Achieve complete knockout, or knock-in or knock- down your gene with our reliable and precise CRISPR lentiviral constructs, available as plasmids or packaged, transduction-ready lentiviral particles. Pick your gene of interest, choose your options, and we do the rest.

  • Effective guide design increases efficiency
  • CRISPR KO, CRISPRi and CRISPRa constructs available
  • Choice of single vector (both sgRNA & Cas9 in one vector) or two vector system (sgRNA & Cas9 in separate vectors)


Custom CRISPR Construct Options

Construct Choices Benefits Customizable Options
Single Vector CRISPR/Cas9 System Convenient single transduction for knockout Choice of antibiotic selection or fluorescent marker (PuroR, HygroR, BlastR, NeoR, RFP, or GFP)
Ideal for in vivo knockout experiments
Two Vector CRISPR/Cas9 System Better knockout efficiency Constitutive or inducible sgRNA expression
Significantly higher titers
Ideal for CRISPR libraries/screening applications Choice of antibiotic selection and fluorescent marker (PuroR, HygroR, BlastR, NeoR, and RFP / GFP)


Pooled lentiviral-based libraries containing heterogeneous mixtures of CRISPR single-guide RNA (sgRNA or gRNA) constructs allow you to assay the effects of many thousands of knockouts in one experiment. As we have done for over 10 years with pooled shRNA libraries, Cellecta has the expertise and capability to generate high-quality, complex CRISPR sgRNA libraries targeting virtually any defined sequences.

CRISPR Genome-Wide Knockout, CRISPRa and CRISPRi Ready-to-Use Libraries

CRISPR Genome-wide libraries are available for human and mouse in both plasmid and ready-to-use packaged formats.

  • Superior quality, highly representative targeted lentiviral sgRNA for CRISPR knockout, activation or inhibition screens
  • Off-the-shelf lentiviral-based CRISPR sgRNA libraries
  • Target nearly all protein-encoding genes in the human or mouse genome
  • Improved sgRNA designs increase knockout, knock-in or knockdown effectiveness

Custom CRISPR Library Generation

You give us your list of targets, and we will do the rest! We design sgRNA, generate oligos, clone, and sequence the library using NGS. Our sgRNA design includes parameters that optimize for on-target knockout while minimizing off-target cross reactivity. We can also design sgRNA for CRISPRi and CRISPRa screens. Libraries include non-targeting, intron-targeting, and lethal sgRNA controls to provide reference standards when analyzing screening results

Loss-of-Function Screening Services

Cellecta has developed an effective, scalable, high-throughput CRISPR screening services using the cell model of your choice. Choose from a variety of custom and contract solutions for high-throughput genetic screening needs.

Dropout Viability Screening

  • Identify genes essential for growth and proliferation
  • Find targets that increase cell sensitivity to compounds or treatments
  • Look for synthetically lethal interactions with known genetic lesions

sgRNA Rescue Screening

  • Identify genes functionally required for cell sensitivity to a treatment or compoundIdentify genes functionally required for cell sensitivity to a treatment or compound
  • Identify pathway or gene clusters mediating a specific cell response
  • Elucidate the mechanism of action or target pathway for a compound or drug

Knockout cells

Choose your gene of interest and cell background, and Cellecta will build a custom knockout cell line.

  • Knockout validated by sequence verification
  • Transient use of Cas9 to make knockout
  • Transient sgRNA "zero-footprint" protocol available

CRISPRtest Cas9 Assay Kits

Want to know if Cas9 is active in your cells? Find out with Cellecta’s CRISPRtest Functional Cas9 Activity Kit. We also offer test kits to measure

  • dCas9-Activator enhancement
  • dCas9-Repressor function

A standard FACS analysis detects Cas9 activity in your cells.

Difference Between CRISPR knockout screens and RNAi (shRNA) knockdown screens


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