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Lectin Screening Kits

Vector’s lectin screening kits provide a panel of lectins or lectin conjugates selected to offer a variety of sugar specificities. They are of the same high quality as the reagents offered individually. Primary sugar specificities for each kit are shown in the table.


General Sugar Binding Specificities of Lectins in Lectin Screening Kits

LectinCommon AbbreviationPrimary Sugar Specificity
Lectin Kit I
Concanavalin ACon AMannose
Dolichos biflorus agglutininDBAN-Acetylgalactosamine
Peanut agglutininPNAGalactose
Ricinus communis agglutinin IRCA IGalactose, N-Acetylgalactosamine
Soybean agglutininSBAN-Acetylgalactosamine
Ulex Europaeus agglutininUEA IFucose
Wheat germ agglutininWGAN-Acetylglucosamine
Lectin Kit II
Griffonia simplicifolia lectin IGSL IGalactose
Len culinaris lectinLCAMannose
Phaseolus vulgaris erythagglutininPHA-EComplex structures
Phaseolus vulgaris leucoagglutininPHA-LComplex structures
Pisum sativum agglutininPSAMannose
Wheat germ agglutinin, succinylatedSuccinylated WGAN-Acetylglucosamine
Lectin Kit III
Datura stramonium lectinDSLN-Acetylglucosamine
Erythrina cristagalli lectinECLGalactose
Griffonia simplicifolia lectin IIGSL IIN-Acetylglucosamine
Lycopersicon esculentum lectinLELN-Acetylglucosamine
Solanum tuberosum lectinSTLN-Acetylglucosamine
Vicia villosa lectinVVLN-Acetylgalactosamine



NEW! Glysite™ Scout Glycan screening kit, Immunofluorescent 


Glysite Scout Glycan Screening Kits, Immunofluorescence, are fully integrated kits for the detection of glycan expression intissue sections. Our curated lectin selection enables detection of all the major glycanmotifs for the evaluation of glycan distribution in a target specimen.

A carefully curated panel based on literature to cover the enables detection of all the major glycan motifs for the evaluation of glycan distribution in a target specimen.  

The Glysite Scout kits contain all the reagents needed to immunofluorescently label and mount up to 50 sections with each of 8 lectins. 

Kit nameCatalogue number 

Glysite™ Scout Glycan Screening Kit, Immunofluorescence 649


Glysite™ Scout Glycan Screening Kit, Immunofluorescence 594


Glysite™ Scout Glycan Screening Kit, Immunofluorescence 488


Glysite Scout Brochure