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VectaPlex™ Antibody Removal Kit

The newest, cutting-edge and world leading product from Vector Laboratories!

Meet VectaPlex™, the newest addition to the Vector Laboratories range!

This ready-to-use kit is designed to remove antibodies and other non-covalently bound detection reagents from formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissue sections, without using damaging heating steps. The technology can be used to enable multiple labelling with either fluorescent secondaries, and can be used in tyramide based multiple labelling protocols.

Samples after 3 Rounds of VectaPlex™

Image captured after completion of 3 rounds of Tyramide staining. VectaPlexTM was used after each round. FFPE tonsil; 3 mouse primary antibodies (CD3 (red), CD68 (Green), AE1/AE3 (Purple)); dtected using Opal 3-Plex TSA Kit.

Samples after 3 Rounds of VectaPlex™

Samples after 6 Rounds of VectaPlex™

Composite image generated from individual images taken during 6 rounds of IF staining VectaPlexTM. FFPE stomach; 6 mouse primaries (CD20 (Red), CD34 (Yellow), DES (Cyan, AE1/AE3 (Magenta), CD3 (Grey), VIM (Green)); DyLight 488 horse anti-mouse IgG.

Samples after 6 Rounds of VectaPlex™

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See below for the complete VectaPlex™ User Guide.