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Tips and Tricks with Vector Laboratories

Having issues with your vector products? See our articles below!

Adding efficiency and convenience to multiplexing workflows

Multiplexing has revolutionised immunostaining workflows. Read on to see how you can make the most of it!

Glycans and B-cells: How glycans influence adaptive immunity

The body's autoimmune response has leveraged by cancer researchers to propel immunotherapy tools into clinical use. Looking for more insights?

Unleashing the power of secondary antibody applications

Antibodies are the epitome of simple yet powerful science tools. Read the blog from Vector Laboratories to learn more about the applications of secondary antibodies.

Selecting the right mounting media

The right mounting media is critical for protecting your samples and ensuring clear signals during viewing. Check out our mounting media products, optimised for IHC, IF, or Live Cell Imaging applications.

Identifying cancer with biomarkers

Immunostaining plays a pivotal role in the detection of cancer biomarkers in diagnostics, prognosis, & novel research. Check out these tips & tricks on using IHC in your cancer assays!

Immunotherapy and glycans

How are advancements in glycobiology supporting the improvement of therapeutic medicine - more specifically, immunotherapies?

Selecting a Secondary Antibody

This blogs covers important considerations for secondary antibody selection, including labelling method, species reactivity, antigen of interest, location, optimal fluor conjugates, and signal amplification or multiplexing requirements.

See Vector Lab's Lectin Guide

See this article for in depth information regarding lectin structure, classification and function. Algal, fungal, bacterial, animal and plant lectins included!

Unsure how to detect glycans during your experiment?

With changes in glycosylation being relevant in many research fields including cancer biology, immunobiology and neuroscience. Vector Labs have outlined some common pitfalls for scientists to avoid.

5 reasons to use the ImmEdge PAP Pen in your immunostaining workflow

From saving money, increased efficiency and maintaining the environment we live in, there are many reasons to include the ImmEdge PAP Pen in your lab toolkit!

How to use lectins in glycobiology workflows

Interested in seeing how lectins can help you in your glycobiology projects? Read on to see what insights you can gain by visualising antigen or lectin binding!

How to mount a coverslip

Picking up where you left off or learning new skills? See our guide to ensure that you get the best possible slides for your staining experiments.