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StemCultures is led by a team of dedicated cell biologists, industry technologists and entrepreneurs who are committed to working together to advance life science research. They create, manufacture and distribute reliable reagents that improve the experience of scientists with diverse interests and fields. Their proprietary controlled-release reagents provide a stable micro-environment for improved cell growth.
StemCultures is in partnership with the Neural Stem Cell Institute which possesses decades of research experience, including the lab of Dr. Sally Temple, co-founder of StemCultures, a pioneer credited with discovering stem like cells in the brain in 1989.

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StemCultures is a revolutionary supplier renowned for contributing to research surrounding and including stem cells within the brain. They also have their own advantageous platform named StemBeads® and DISC® which were designed due to a necessity to control growth factor signalling more effectively within cell cultures.

StemCultures proprietary micro-encapsulation technology controls growth factor levels over time to mimic the native biological setting, this is done via a combination of minimising signalling peaks and valleys with soluble growth factors. The groundbreaking StemBeads® and DISC™ devices support a wide array of research applications such as primary tumour cells and organoid development.

StemBeads® - A controlled release-growth factor technology that uses PLGA hydrogel that stabilises the protein and releases over several days. Once utilised, spontaneous differentiation is reduced, pluripotency is increased and feeding schedules are reduced to only 2-3 times per week.

DISC™ - FGF2 has a half life of 4-5 hours in culture media whilst in the incubator, to compensate for this rapid decline, high levels of soluble growth factor are involved in many commercial media, yet the level of FGF2 continues to dip below the 5-10ng/mL level necessary to prevent stem cell differentiation. This results in irregular cell signalling and cell behaviour often causing spontaneous differentiation and therefore unreliable results.

To counteract this issue, StemCultures have developed a controlled release growth factor technology in the form of a disk that provides a consistent and constant growth factor. This solution results in saving time and money while producing more consistent, higher quality culture outcomes that improve downstream differentiation efficiencies.









5ng/mL in 2mL


10ng/mL in 1mL


10ng/mL in 2mL


5ng/mL in 2mL