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Rapid Novor

Based in Canada, Rapid Novor Inc. is one of the world's leaders in antibody protein sequencing technology. Specializing in the field of mass spectrometry-based proteomics, the team has developed the technology to directly sequence antibody proteins without needing to access the producing cell line.

Biological systems are incredibly diverse, constantly changing, and hard to understand without directly accessing the functional, circulating proteins, which is why Rapid Novor are committed to helping people understand the immune system by directly accessing these proteins.

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Rapid Novor

What is Rapid Novor's aim?

Rapid Novor helps biotech and pharmaceutical companies extract the full potential of antibodies in ways never before possible. They provide services and develop new technology that enables timely and reliable discovery and development of novel reagents, diagnostics, and therapeutics. Thanks to their Next Generation Protein Sequencing and antibody discovery services, researchers have furthered thousands of projects, patented antibody therapeutics, and developed the first recombinant polyclonal antibody diagnostics.

Experts in their field of research

Building upon 20 years of Co-Founder and Chief Scientist Dr. Bin Ma’s scientific research and inventions, Rapid Novor’s team continues to push protein sequencing boundaries. The team behind Rapid Novor comprises world-leading experts in protein chemistry, mass spectrometry and bioinformatics. Their goal is to constantly innovate and create breakthrough technologies to advance life science, which they accomplish continually.

Pioneers in next generation proteomics
Rapid Novor is the first team to successfully sequence polyclonal antibodies using mass spectrometry, and without reference to nucleotide sequences. 

Largest privately-owned MS-based proteomics company in Canada
With 6000+ de novo sequenced and proteins and antibodies, they are experts in the area of Next Generation Protein Sequencing,

Non-ab Protein Sequencing Service that Drives Innovation
Based on proprietary mass spectrometry and bioinformatics technology, your complete sequence analysis is delivered in as little as 1 week.

Why choose Rapid Novor?

  • Accuracy Standards - They do not accept less than 100% accuracy, which they make sure of using rigorous quality control and data quality standards.
  • Depth of coverage - They have a minimum of 30x coverage over every single amino acid.
  • Real Time Sequencing - They carry out proprietary software sequences in real-time, so scientists can adjust MS settings for the most accurate results.
  • Independent Reviews - All sequences are assembled by their proprietary algorithm and reviewed by a minimum of 2 bioinformaticians.
  • Isobaric checks - All isobaric combinations are determined using their wILD® technology.

Requirements for Next Generation Protein Sequencing

To apply for Rapid Novor's REmAb® services, all you need is 100μg of your monoclonal antibody or protein sample, with an 80% purity. This can be done for any species or isotope.

  • Works with conjugated antibodies (non-site specific)
  • Any standard buffer can work
  • No extra charge for troubleshooting (though troubleshooting is a rare occurrence)


Rapid Novor also has a service for polyclonal antibody sequencing (REpAb®). As this is a more complex project, this requires 1mg of antigen affinity-purified IgG polyclonal antibodies from 1 organism, and 100ug of antibody background.

For more details, or to receive a quote, contact us using the button below.

Requirements for Next Generation Protein Sequencing