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AAV Titration ELISA

The accurate determination of Adeno-Associated Virus (AAV) capsid titers is crucial for safe and effective gene transfer. By utilising specific antibodies that target AAV capsids, these assays provide a reliable method to quantify intact viral particles, both full and empty which is critical for evaluating AAV-based therapeutics. 

For researchers, AAV titration enables experimental design and data analysis in gene therapy research. With straightforward protocols, rapid results, and high reproducibility, these assays empower researchers to efficiently assess the efficacy and safety of AAV vectors, accelerating the development of novel gene therapies and advancing our understanding of genetic diseases.

PROGEN offers AAV ELISA kits for accurate and reproducible quantification of AAV capsid titers, ensuring safe gene transfer. Xpress ELISA kits provide even faster results, reducing assay time by over 50% to 2 hours or less without compromising accuracy. These kits have proven perfect for customers looking to optimise reproducibility and speed and increasing workflow efficiency. 

AAV Titration ELISA

  • Easy-to-use assays for all AAV serotypes with a consistent workflow, no expensive equipment necessary, and single-break strips for separate test runs.
  • Quick ELISA Kits ready for easy implementation and generate results in less than 2 hours without compromising performance.
  • Reliable quantification of intact AAV particles with PROGEN's exclusive particle antibodies, established success in clinical trials, and industry gold standard.
  • Reproducible method with low inter- and intra-assay variance, enabling users to achieve a coefficient of variation (CV) below 10%.
  • GMP-ready assays validated for use in GMP settings and compliant with FDA guidelines for AAV gene therapy development.
AAV Titration ELISA

Visit here to take a look at Progen’s AAV titration and Xpress ELISA’s as well as controls for each serotype!