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The Native Antigen Company offers an extensive range of flavivirus antigens, expressed as both recombinant proteins in our mammalian expression system and native viral preparations.

NS1 - Our NS1 proteins are produced hexamerically and are glycosylated and folded like native antigen. Research groups have demonstrated that these proteins are functionally active.

Virus-Like-Particles - Our virus-like particles are non-infectious and comprise Envelope and prM/M proteins. They have been extensively analysed to demonstrate antigenic similarity to native viruses.

Envelope Protein - To complement our flavivirus NS1 and VLP proteins, we also offer soluble Zika virus Envelope protein for use in serological based diagnostic assays.

Cell Lysate - Our products derived from native Zika virus are prepared from infected cell cultures, and include whole cell lysates alongside sucrose-density gradient purified birus.

The Native Antigen Company produces antigens for the following flaviviruses:


We are developing an extensive range of antibodies for infectious disease targets. Our portfolio includes a unique oanel of highly specific antibodies for flaviviruses, with no cross-reactivity to other members of the flavivirus family. Our chimeric flavivirus envelope antibody is based upon the popular clone 4G2, which is specific for a well-defined conserved epitope on many key flaviviruses, including Denque, Zika, West Nile and Yellow Fever viruses. Our NS1 antibodies are highly specific, and overcome the inherent cross-reactivity of patient sera to different flaviviruses. They therefore represent excellent control reagents for immunoassay development. Our humanised antibodies to Zika and Dengue NS1 can be used as serological controls.

4G2 Anti-Flavivirus Envelope Protein

Pan-Flavivirus NS1 Protein

Humanised Flavivirus NS1 Protein

Our antibodies are characterised for use in immunoassay development and a range of other applications such as immunofluorescence and Western blotting.


The Native Antigen Company's research immunoassays for Zika virus are the most specific and sensitive assays available on the market. We have assays to detect the serological response to infection (IgG/M/A ELISA), to detect acute phase and to measure levels of Zika NS1 protein during (NS1 Capture ELISA). Further immunoassays are in development, so please enquire at if you ahve any enquiries.

Zika Total Antibody ELISA
Zika NS1 Capture ELISA
90.3% Sensitivity
95.7% Sensitivity
<5pg/ml Sensitivity
92.1% Specificity
95.9% Specificity
No Cross-reactivity