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MONOSAN® provides high-quality antibodies and reagents for life science research. Over 40 years, the product range has expanded significantly, now including a wide variety of monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies developed in collaboration with top level research institutes. Collaborative development with leading academic institutions guarantees cutting-edge research tools, and MONOSAN® in collaboration with 2BScientific provide top-notch technical support and service to its customers.

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MONOSAN antibodies are developed both in-house and in collaboration with universities and research institutes throughout Europe, ensuring extensive testing of all MONOSAN antibodies. Although MONOSAN has a strong focus on antibodies and reagents for cancer research, they cover a wide range of applications including detection of lysozyme, coagulation research, Alzheimer's disease studies, extracellular matrix research and more. 

MONOSAN’s immunohistochemistry (IHC) kits are designed for high sensitivity and versatility in detecting antigens in various types of tissue sections and cytological samples. These kits accommodate monoclonal and polyclonal primary antibodies from multiple species, such as mouse, rabbit, rat, and guinea pig. They use enzyme polymers that enhance staining clarity by incorporating multiple secondary antibodies covalently bound to enzyme molecules. Known for their cost-effectiveness and high quality, these IHC kits are suitable for both manual and automated staining procedures, providing reliable and distinct results.