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Xeno-Free Products

A range of Xeno-Free Products by the Life Science Group Ltd

Life Science Group (LSG) have developed an innovative Xeno – Free Cell Culture Essential Kit, that is a game changer in cell culture technology that is designed to support the growth and expansion of Human Primary and Stem cells with utmost efficiency and environmental consciousness. 

Xeno-free clearly states that the product is formulated exclusively with human-derived components, free from foreign animal species like bovine or porcine. This aligns with the industry’s move to safe cell culture systems and enhancing performance.

Some of the main challenges for researchers is to ensure adherent cells remain healthy and retain their natural functionality. LSGs Xeno-Free Products can be just what is required to improve cells viability. Experience the difference with these products by buying them separately or as a kit.

Xeno-Free Products Including CellSplit, CellShip and CellScrew
The CellSplit®, CellShip® and CellScrew® Range
Xeno-Free Cell Culture Essentials Kit Data Diagram


A fully defined, Xeno-free cell transportation medium, offering a fresh alternative to cryopreservation. Validated for 120hr transport or storage across a range of cell lines.

Advantages of CellShip®

CellShip® is a ‘ready-to-use’ transport and short-term storage medium, suitable for a wide range of cells. 

  • Provides flexibility to highly time critical processes. 
  • Removes the cost and logistic challenges associated with shipment on dry ice.
  • Offers stable pH-buffering of pH 7.20 - 7.45 for temperatures between +2°C to +37°C; can be used at ambient temperatures. 
  • CellShip® is xeno-free i.e., free from serum and animal/human proteins.
  •  Endotoxin levels conform to EU standards (≤ 1.0 EU/mL). 
  • CellShip® is solvent free i.e., free from DMSO. 
  • CellShip® is manufactured under ISO 13485.

Each batch of CellShip® undergoes functionality testing before release. Available with / without insulin and with added antibiotics.

Publication Link: CellShip: An Ambient Temperature Transport and Short-Term Storage Medium for Mammalian Cell Cultures; Biopreservation and Biobanking, 28 December 2023

LSGs data analysis shows Viability and Functionality of cells in CellShip® versus Cryopreserved method during transportation.
LSGs data analysis shows Viability and Functionality of cells in CellShip® versus Cryopreserved method for different Cell Lines.


A plant-derived, Xeno-free cell dissociation reagent, replacing traditional Animal-derived trypsin and is comprehensively tested in a wide range of cell lines which include HEK, Hep-G2, CHO, HeLa and many more. Each batch of CellSplit® undergoes functionality testing before release.

Advantages of CellSplit®

  • Replaces traditional Trypsin and effectively removes adherent cells without any damage.
  • No cell scraping or serum neutralisation required as done with Trypsin.
  • Suitable for both serum free and serum-containing cell culture protocols inactivated by dilution.
  • UK CA and CE marked for high-quality performance.

View the graphs below for more on their Data Analysis.

CellSplit Cell Dissociation
Data Analysis have shown Cell Dissociation% of Vero cells with CellSplit® and Trypsin.
CellSplit Cell Viabilty
Viability of cells with multiple passages for HEK and Hep-G2.


CellScrew® is a sustainable, Xeno-Free adherent cell expansion system for transportation and cell growth for adherent and non-adherent cell lines. This system uses a product developed by Green Elephant Biotech an innovative cell cultivating bottle to simplify the cell culturing process by eliminating the need for washing and pelleting cells.

Advantages of CellScrew®

  • Ingenious single-use device for large area seeding.
  • Offers 8 times the surface area of a standard roller.
  • Plant-based PLA via innovative manufacturing.
  • Simplifies growth of HEK-293 and MSCs.
  • 90% fewer CO₂ emissions compared to conventional dishes.
  • Reduced costs, faster scalability with large cell culture area.

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