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Lectenz Bio

Lectenz Bio is a company dedicated to providing novel, effective glyco-research and bioprocessing tools. Their mission is to empower innovation by making glycoscience simple. They accomplish this goal by employing a strong team with diverse expertise in high performance computing and wet lab science. It is through this interdisciplinary approach that they developed our patented Lectenz® and GlycoSense™ platforms—offering new, easy to use ways to study glycobiology.

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Lectenz Bio

2BScientific is proud to have Lectenz Bio as one of our trusted suppliers, they are committed to delivering cutting-edge tools for glyco-research and bioprocessing, with an overarching aim to simplify glycoscience. Lectenz have successfully created two patented platforms, Lectenz® and GlycoSense™. These platforms provide novel and user-friendly methods to explore the intricate field of glycobiology, empowering researchers with innovative solutions for their scientific inquiries.  

Skilled in high-performance computing and wet lab science, Lectenz Bio collaborates to develop patented platforms—Lectenz® and GlycoSense™. These platforms offer novel and user-friendly methods for glycan processing, detection, and profiling, empowering researchers to modify glycans, identify specific structures, and comprehensively analyse the glycome. These tools provide valuable insights into cellular functions, disease mechanisms, and potential therapeutic targets, contributing to advancements in personalised medicine and biomarker discovery.

Glycoscience made simple wuth Lectenz

Complement your glycoscience research with essential reagents from reputable suppliers like SouthernBiotech and Medix Biochemica Group for comprehensive assay solutions. For extraction needs, consider high-quality products from ABClonal Technology and Luna Nanotech to enhance the precision of your glycoscience endeavours.

Sialic Acid Lectenz®

Targeting Sialic Acid? SiaFindTM Kits have you covered with easy, high-specificity detection of terminal sialic acid on glycoconjugates.

  • Novel reagents specific for sialic acidSiaFind reagent
  • Pan-specific or α2,3-specific
  • Recombinantly produced
  • Monomeric
  • Available in native or biotin-labeled forms

Human skin cells stained with SiaFindTM Pan-Specific reagent. Image courtesy Hans Wandall, UCPH Centre for Glycomics.

SiaFind reagents Western BlotWestern blot of controls and BSA neoglycoproteins, demonstrating specificity of SiaFindTM reagents.