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High Performance Nucleotides from Jena Bioscience

Jena Bioscience is one of only a few primary manufacturers of dNTPs for PCR. Our high quality starts with our production technology. Many problematic impurities, such as pyrophosphate and modified nucleotides, are by-products from chemical synthesis. These impurities can severely impact PCR performance. That’s why we synthesise all our dNTPs enzymatically, meaning many common impurities are never even present in our solutions. Any remaining impurities are removed with several state-of-theart purification procedures. For dATP, dCTP, dGTP, and dUTP, we start with the respective
ribonucleotide, and use the highly specific Ribonucleotide Reductase enzyme (Scheme 1). While for dTTP, we use enzymes to sequentially phosphorylate thymidine.


Scheme 1. The bacterial enzyme ribonucleotide reductase selectively reduces the 2’-OH-group of the selected ribonucleotide (NTP) to give the corresponding Deoxyribonucleotide (dNTP). Our enzymatic synthesis is performed in this manner on a kilogram scale.

dNTP Solutions

 dATP sodium salt
100 mM solution
dCTP sodium salt
100 mM solution
dGTP sodium salt
100 mM solution
dTTP sodium salt
100 mM solution
dUTP sodium salt
100 mM solution
CAS No.1927-31-7102783-51-793919-41-618423-43-3102814-08-4
Formula (anion)C10H13N5O12P3C9H13N3O13P3C10H13N5O13P3C10H14N2O14P3C9H12N2O14P3
Formula weight (g x mol-1)488.16464.13504.16479.14465.12
Molar ExtinctionCoefficient [1]ε = 15.1 l x mmol-1 xε = 8.9 l x mmol-1 xε = 14.2 l x mmol-1 xε = 9.5 l x mmol-1 xε = 9.8 l x mmol-1 x
cm-1; 259 nmcm-1; 271 nmcm-1; 252 nmcm-1; 267 nmcm-1; 262 nm

[1] Cavaluzzi & Borer (2004) Nucleic Acids Res. 32(1):e13