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Immunology Consultants Laboratory

ICL is a trusted supplier of antibodies, ELISA kits, and protein reference standards to many of the world’s leading research institutions, pharmaceutical companies, and in vitro diagnostics (IVD) manufacturers.

Established over 40 years ago in Oregon, USA, they develop and manufacture their products in-house using internal gold standard controls for validation, assuring their partners of consistent batch-to-batch performance, reliable long-term supply, and expert technical support from a team who knows their portfolio inside out.

Their growing product offering includes antibodies to a broad range of human, veterinary and infectious agent proteins, many of which are available from several host species and proven to work in multiple applica­tions. These same antibodies form the basis of their ready-to-use sandwich ELISA kits and are complemented by an ex­tensive selection of proteins for use as controls or reference standards.

To streamline their customer’s research, they also offer core assay reagents like sera, streptavidin conjugates, and antibodies to common epitope tags.

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Immunology Consultants Laboratory

Over 450 different Polyclonal and Monoclonal antibodies

  • Primary & secondary antibodies with a high level of specificity/ affinity
  • All antibodies are tested & validated by ELISA, western blotting, ICC (monoclonal) and/or IEP
  • Monoclonals specific to native antigens, demonstrated with antibodies from peptide or protein immunogens
  • Primary antibodies that detect animal & human proteins, infectious agents, host cell proteins & antibodies used in veterinary diagnostics.
  • Over 125 antibodies to different epitope tags such as 6xHIS, C-Myc, GST, and VSV-g.
  • Polyclonal antibodies raised in a variety of host species including – Chicken, Donkey, Goat, Horse, Rabbit, and Sheep
  • Secondary antibodies raised to a wide variety of human & animal immunoglobulin proteins and subclasses – IgA, IgD, IgE, IgG, IgM, and IgY.
  • Antibodies in a variety of formats – agarose Immobilized, antiserum, F(ab’)2, and IgG Fraction.
  • Conjugated antibodies to Biotin, HRP, or FITC.
  • Available in bulk quantities to customer request, from 1mg to 10+ grams.

Over 195 different ELISA kits

  • All ELISA kits are Sandwich format, consisting of a capture and a detection antibody.

  • ELISA kits use antibodies that are produce by ICL in their laboratory.

  • All ELISA kits use either HRP or Biotin conjugated detection antibodies.

  • ELISA kits are designed to detect and measure specific animal or human proteins –from Albumin to Vitamin D Binding Protein.

  • All ICL ELISA kits are developed and manufactured in the USA

  • All kits are made from ICL antibodies, produced in their own labs in the USA.

  • ICL can develop and contract manufacture new ELISA kits, specifically to customer specifications

Ask us if you have a custom antibody or ELISA kit development project!

ICL’s Promise to Customers

  • Experienced providers of antibodies, ELISA kits, and protein reference standards
  • Antibody production based mainly on native antigens – applicability to IVD testing
  • Products developed, manufactured and validated in-house – consistent batch-to-batch performance, reliable long-term supply, expert technical support.
  • Antigen sequencing safeguards reproducibility
  • Rigorous testing and quality control using internal gold standard reference material
  • Product citations in multiple journals, including high=impact publications
  • Trusted supplier to many of the world’s leading research institutions, pharmaceutical companies and IVD manufacturers

Key research areas

Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) is one of the most popular immunoassay formats due to its flexibility, sensitivity, and ease of use. ICL uses their own raw materials for ELISA kit manufacturing,  meaning that ICL retain complete control over their products to make them the ideal partner to support your research.

Veterinary targets include:

  • Veterinary targets include:
  • Serum Amyloid A (SAA)
  • PLBL2
  • CRP
  • Ovotransferrin
  • Thymidine Kinase
  • Alpha 1-Antitrypsin

Human targets include:

  • Alpha 1-Microglobulin
  • Apo A1
  • Fibrinogen
  • Haptoglobin
  • NGAL
  • Retinol Binding Protein

Measuring of specific host cell proteins from Chinese Hamster Cells

Click here to see how ICL can help you research CHO host proteins using their cutting-edge range of products!

Measuring of specific host cell proteins from Chinese Hamster Cells

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