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Founded in 2007, HUABIO is dedicated to developing curated, high-quality antibodies that advance innovation. We're passionate about the accuracy, efficiency, and consistency of our products.
We devote our company mission to the disruption of an already overcrowded antibody market. With multiple companies selling the same, often unreliable products, we refuse to blend in with the rest. This means making and rigorously testing every product in-house before sending it directly to your lab. This is our Huabio guarantee and we are the dependable foundation built for your next successful study.

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With over 15 years of experience in the antibody industry, paired with their early adoption of recombinant protein production, HUABIO has gained a reputation for their antibodies impressive accuracy, efficiency, and consistency. In 2020 HUABIO made the choice to step away from distributing antibodies from other suppliers, but rather focus their efforts on their own brand recognition and loyalty. They aim to impact the market with not only their impressive product catalogue but their company approach to quality, sustainability, and consistency. This is demonstrated by their incredible number of citations, with over 100 per month, growing from only 25 per month in 2020. Their environmental views are parallel to that of 2BScientific, demonstrated by being committed to cruelty free production, recyclable packaging, and paperless documentation.

HUABIO offers a diverse selection of proteins, antibodies, and reagents tailored for a multitude of research applications. Furthermore, HUABIO have been published in a range of well-regarded scientific journals and articles including “Nature”, “Science”, “Circulation” and “Molecular Cancer”. Their catalogue includes recombinant monoclonals, monoclonals, and polyclonal antibodies, ensuring versatility in a range of experimental design. They also provide secondary antibodies and nanobodies for enhanced detection and specificity.

Their antibody pairs and ELISA kits result in comprehensive analysis in various fields such as cancer, cardiovascular research, developmental biology, and neuroscience. With validated antibodies for specific targets such as Claudin and Cytokeratin, researchers can delve deeper into cellular structures, functions, and interactions. HUABIO's products extend to diverse areas including immunology, signal transduction, stem cell research, and epigenetics, providing researchers with a comprehensive set of reagents.

HUABIO’s Incredible Quality Standards

HUABIO refuses to contribute to the industry wide problem of irreproducible results, and instead are focused on delivering heavily tested, consistent products. HUABIO have developed a strategy to ensure that functionality, specificity, and sensitivity of antibodies produced are to the highest standard using their “5+1 Blueprint for Reproducibility”.

5+1 QC Strategy

Multiple Antibodies

Validate by using two (or more) independent antibodies that can recognise different epitopes of the target protein.

Heterologous Expression

Antibody signal is evaluated in cell lines following heterologous expression of native (or mutated) target protein.

Biological Properties and Orthogonal Data

Qualitative and quantitative verification based on biological properties or use antibody- independent assays to detect correlations between antibodies and biological properties or non-antibody quantification.


Knockout or knockdown the target gene by using CRISPR/Cas9 or RNAi technology in cells or tissues and validate the antibody specificity by measuring the absence or reduction of the antibody signal in these cells or tissues.

Complementary Validation

Antibody specificity may be validated using complementation assays. Including competitive ELISA, peptide blocking, or protein arrays

Recombinant Production

Provides researchers with advantages which include superior lot-to-lot consistency, continuous supply, and amenability to antibody engineering.

Huabio QC

HUABIO evaluates each and every new lot, after each successful lot has been produced, it is compared to the previous in the same experimental conditions to ensure consistent testing and accurate QC.

Huabio ATP Citrate Lyase Mab

Specificity is additionally tested using HUABIO’s ATP Citrate Lyase Recombinant Monoclonal Antibody. KO validation confirms antibody specificity by testing it in a KO cell line or tissue lacking the target protein. Specific antibodies show no signal in KO cells but signal in WT cells expressing the target protein.

Huabio Beta-Actin Monoclonal Antibodies

HUABIO investigated the stability of their antibodies using a range of storage temperatures for varying amounts of time, in this case, Beta-Actin Monoclonal Antibodies. The study concluded with the antibodies, synthesised by HUABIO, demonstrating room temperature does not impact their activity for up to 3 months.