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GenomeMe specialises in the development and manufacturing of mouse and rabbit immunohistochemistry (IHC) monoclonal antibodies for clinical diagnostic use. Founded in 2017, GenomeMe has rapidly developed a catalogue of over 260 IHC antibodies designed for precision diagnostics. Quality and innovation is reflected in GenomeMe’s in-house development processes, and with 2BScientific enables stringent control over product quality and competitive pricing.
Researchers benefit from GenomeMe’s antibodies developed under ISO 13485:2016 certified quality management systems and CE-IVD compliant performance, ensuring reliable and reproducible results in clinical applications. External quality assessments by NordiQC further validate the performance of GenomeMe’s products, giving researchers confidence in experimental outcomes. Additionally, advanced technologies, including qPCR and Next Generation Sequencing, enable the development of highly specific and sensitive diagnostic tools, crucial for advancing research in molecular pathology.
GenomeMe provide unparalleled value, making cutting-edge diagnostic tools accessible to a broader range of researchers and institutions. GenomeMe's mission to advance precision diagnostics through quality IHC antibodies places 2BScientific as a valuable collaborator in the pursuit of innovative and reliable diagnostic solutions.

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Custom Multiplex IHC (mIHC) Service

GenomeMe offers a cutting-edge solutions and custom services for multiplex IHC staining needs, providing the ability to detect multiple biomarkers simultaneously with advanced fluorescent dyes. This comprehensive approach allows for an in-depth assessment of a patient's immune status. With GenomeMe's highly streamlined protocols and specialised in-house developed primary antibodies, you can save valuable time and reduce project costs. Partner with GenomeMe to focus on analysing the high-quality data we deliver.

Contact us today via sales@2bscientific to discuss your specific multiplex IHC requirements.

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