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Stem Cells - Survival

Y-27632 dihydrochloride Y-27632 dihydrochloride

Enhances stem cell survival and proliferation in culture. Improves freeze/thaw survival rate for embryonic stem cells. ROCK inhibitor.


 Product Base Number: 10-2301    Size: 5mg     Size: 25mg

HA-100 2HCl HA-100 2HCl

Multi-kinase inhibitor that improves single cell survival and supports high cloning efficiency in human pluripotent stem cells.


Product Base Number: 10-1609       Size: 5mg     Size: 25mg


Promotes cytoprotective cell survival in human pluripotent stem cells as part of the CEPT chemical cocktail. Integrated stress response inhibitor.

Product Base Number: 10-1539       Size: 5mg     Size: 25mg

Minocycline HClMinocycline HCl

Positively affects endogenous neural stem cell survival both in vitro and in vivo.


Product Base Number: 10-2568       Size: 50mg     Size: 250mg


ASK1 inhibitor that promotes the survival of induced pluripotent stem cells.



Product Base Number: 10-5144       Size: 5mg     Size: 25mg

Fasudil HClFasudil HCl

ROCK inhibitor enhances the survival of neural crest cells during differentiation.


Product Base Number: 10-2137       Size: 50mg     Size: 250mg


Induces apoptosis in human embryonic stem cells but not differentiated cells.

Product Base Number: 10-1472       Size: 5mg     Size: 25mg

Purvalanol APurvalanol A

CDK inhibitor induces apoptosis in embryonic stem cells (ESCs) but not differentiated cells. Also prevents the formation of ESC tumors and induces necrosis in established ESC tumors.

Product Base Number: 10-2868       Size: 5mg     Size: 25mg