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ER Stress

Brefeldin A

ER stress inducer. A specific inhibitor of protein translocation from ER to Golgi. 

 Product Base Number: 10-1071     Size: 5mg     Size: 25mg


R stress inducer. Potent inhibitor of sarcoplasmic reticulum Ca2+ ATPase.


Product Base Number: 10-2105       Size: 1mg     Size: 5mg


ER stress inducer. Inhibits GlucNAc phosphostransferase thereby inhibiting glycoprotein biosynthesis.


Product Base Number: 10-2111       Size: 5mg     Size: 25mg


R stress inhibitor. IRE1 ribonuclease inhibitor.

Product Base Number: 10-1579       Size: 5mg     Size: 25mg


A classic ER stress inhibitor. Reduces ER stress and adipose tissue inflammation in a mouse model of high fat diet-induced obesity.


 Product Base Number: 10-2782       Size: 500mg     Size: 1g


ER stress inhibitor acting via eIF2α phosphatase inhibition.



Product Base Number: 10-4517       Size: 5mg     Size: 25mg


UPR inhibitor. Potently inhibits ER stress-induced XBP1 mRNA splicing. Induces apoptosis in pancreatic cancer cells


Product Base Number: 10-2750       Size: 5mg     Size: 25mg


UPR inhibitor. Improves ER protein folding and activates ER chaperone capacity to protect cells against ER stress. Displays potent antidiabetic activity by improving insulin sensitivity.

Product Base Number: 10-4629       Size: 10mg     Size: 50mg


UPR inducer. Threonyl-tRNA synthetase inhibitor. Inhibits angiogenesis



Product Base Number: 10-1399       Size: 1mg     Size: 5mg